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Team Courgette

who chopped, grilled, packed in oil, dehydrated and chutneyed 60 kilos of courgettes! 




I received a new haircut the other day. I didn’t want the haircut, but that is what happens when you get stuck in sticky grass… 281 more words

Belly Laugh

Compost + My Body = Comfort

These last couple of months have been quite stressful.  Generally, I try to have a semi-positive outlook on what’s to come.  However, as my final degree performance for the… 213 more words

Live Art

Installing a New Flowerbed, Part 1: Planning Your Landscaping

My house’s northern exposure is  a barren wasteland.

North: the land of shade, cold and damp. North, the land of the Great White Wall with No Windows, nor trees to break the evil winds. 691 more words


Getting down and dirty - 5 May 2014

Before we put anything in the ground at the Redlands Estate, or at any property, you really want to know what’s in the soil and how good its going to be before you ask it to produce a crop.

Redlands Estate Property Management Planning - 31 January 2014

Ken Moore and Steve Joyce have been investigating the Redlands Estate property in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley to see what they can discover about the natural values of the estate. 33 more words

Recycle Snapshot: Compost

Status: Brown Bin

Interested in: Soil amendment

Likes: Brown bins, the outdoors, food

About: Earth and I grew up as childhood sweethearts, and we’ve been together ever since. 40 more words

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