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My Holy Mountain

A little over 200 years ago, in 1809, Napoleon defeated Portugal in war. Now, the Portuguese nobles had bred a special type of sheep that grew exceptionally fine, soft fleece. 1,620 more words


Is your Garden Soil Safe for Vegetable Gardening?


Is your Garden Soil Safe for Vegetable Gardening?

By George Giltner, Adv. MG, Biology MS

Most of our gardens are safe and natural ecosystems, which grow wholesome, nutrient dense foods.  522 more words


Germinating Pumpkins!

Well… The awesome pictures that I got from the installation of PRS nutrient probes (more on these later) and nutrient sampling with my interns Karyn and Bella went into the digital netherworld when I broke my phone, as did the pictures of pumpkin planting day. 155 more words


The Deeper Work of God

Dealing with disappointment and failure are paramount to a resilient Christian life and yet what we often hear from the pulpit, at least what I often heard from the pulpit as a younger person, is with Jesus everything will be okay. 782 more words


Bioremediation Strategies

Grow a Mushroom, Get Less Toxic Tomatoes in Your Community Garden?

The Sustainable Land Lab: From Vacant to Vital


When urban farming is introduced into sites that have a history of poor soil, there’s a real danger that contaminants found in the soil can negatively impact the health of a community. 169 more words


Soil causes problems for new developments

BRUNSWICK, Ga. (AP) – Officials in a coastal Georgia county fear that a new way of classifying soil could cost it the chance to develop new industries. 129 more words


Feds Recommend California Test Prison Inmates For Valley Fever

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — Federal experts are recommending that California test inmates for immunity to a sometimes fatal soil-borne fungus before incarcerating them at two Central Valley state prisons where the disease has killed nearly three dozen inmates, according to a report obtained Friday by The Associated Press. 543 more words