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Vegan Wednesday #108

Ich bin wieder da!!! :) Und ihr könnt aufatmen. Es ist nicht schon wieder was über Japan. Obwohl mich die Reise und die Menschen, die ich kennen lernen durfte, natürlich beeinflusst haben und somit jeder Gedanke ein bisschen Japan ist… Ich werde alle (ok, die meisten) Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen noch aufschreiben und teilen, aber auch versuchen, wieder eine Routine beim Bloggen zu finden. 620 more words


SOJA's signature roots reggae sound lost 'AMID THE NOISE AND HASTE'

Riding high on the success of their 2012 album STRENGTH TO SURVIVE, and selling out stadiums from Monterey to Sao Paolo, SOJA released AMID THE NOISE AND HASTE… 1,133 more words

Bob Marley

SOJA and the American Reggae Movement

by Patricia Meschino

“I wanted to be Bob Marley since the first time I saw a picture of him and I still do; what I mean by that is conscious music needs to have a spotlight on it and he did that bigger than anyone who ever lived,” 242 more words


Reggae Hits Number One

The band Magic!, hailing from Totonto, Canada, brought reggae into the Billboard Hot 100’s number one spot with the reggae infused single “Rude”.  I’m not one who usually can predict hit pop singles these days but, I have to say that the first time I heard it I knew this would be BIG!  164 more words

Reggae Music

Fu Manchu fried rice

Ytterligare ett favoritrecept från “Can’t Cook Won’t Cook”. Egentligen ska man väl använda wok, men det går lika bra med en vanlig kastrull.



SOJA Album debuts in Billboard Top 20

You may not know but SOJA has a special connection with MIDNIGHT RAVER.  Not only do they hail from Arlington, VA but it was our good friend and recording engineer Jim Fox who first recorded their demo tape and went on to record several of their albums right here at Lion and Fox Studios.  760 more words

Bob Marley