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Pelagianism and Charles Finney: The pervasiveness of old heresies in the modern age

For this, the first post of my re-booted blog, I have decided to tackle a subject of personal interest to me, which I hope may contain something of value for anyone reading along. 922 more words


Life Lessons of a Christian Blogger

Hi, everyone! This is going to be another one of those personal posts. I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas season and have a prosperous New Year! 623 more words

Are We Saved By Faith Alone? Protestants Said Yes, But The Bible Said No.

Protestants in their Bible study or even conversing with Catholics boast that they are saved by simply accepting Christ as a Lord and personal savior or in other words having faith in Jesus Christ apart from good works and the supernatural aid of the Church God founded. 1,095 more words


We Serve a Living Saviour Not a Dead Religion

Religion is about the outward show of godliness, in rites and rituals and signs of the cross and genuflection. Remember, the Pharisees and pious Jews of Christ’s day would have been the most religious of the religious, yet Jesus declared them to be whited sepulchres — tombs that appear outwardly clean but whose interior is rank with the decaying corpses of dead men. 161 more words

Sola Fide

God's Sovereignty Over Man's Mind: A Look At Daniel 1-5 (Pt.1)

God’s Sovereignty Over the Mind of Man: A Brief Look at Daniel 1-5

The concept of libertarian free will is entirely foreign to the Scriptures and, therefore, a concept which should be utterly rejected by the Christian seeking to be faithful to the teaching of the Bible. 1,166 more words


The Remedy for Sin Must Be Applied in This Life

There are those who believe that after death, the souls of the righteous must endure the purifying fires of purgatory. Not so! The purification starts HERE, in this life, with the sanctifying flame of Pentecost. 85 more words

Holy Spirit

The Gospel is All of God, and Nothing of Ourselves

Why does man feel the need to add anything to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as though by doing so he might better it, or make it more relevant? 117 more words

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