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The Prior Authority of Tradition

This originated as an off-the-cuff reply this morning, in this thread. I thought it came out rather well.

I think you’re overlooking the very crux of the matter. 862 more words


The Berean/Catholic Model Is More Noble Than the Thessalonian/Protestant Model

This is a re-post. I recently learned that apologist superstar Dr. Bryan Cross linked to one of my deleted articles over at his holy grail of apologetics websites… 1,243 more words


Theo-Logical Comparative Religion Thought of the Day

Protestant Church of Christ readers,

Your initial principle of sola Scriptura correlates to your group’s initial presence in history. A group (the Catholic Church of Christ) that existed before the Bible’s formation does not begin with a premise that denies the first fifteen centuries of its own existence, but your group (the Protestant Church of Christ) was born at a time when the labor of creating the Bible had already been performed, and it approaches religion by approaching an already-produced product (if your community were old, it must deny the first eighteen centuries of its existence!). 243 more words

Church Of Christ

Two Roman Catholic claims that cannot both be true

When engaging Roman Catholic apologists one often encounters two claims: 1) Roman Catholicism is publicly verifiable, meaning that one can provide sufficient reasons for a nonbeliever to convert to Roman Catholicism (see… 1,284 more words

1/7/2014 Sola Scriptura, Canon, and Rome: Dr. Michael Kruger on the Dividing Line

Streamed live on Jan 7, 2014

Today I was joined by Dr. Michael Kruger, President of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Kruger has written numerous books that are high on our “you must read this book” list, such as Canon Revisited and The Question of Canon; he likewise contributed to and edited The Heresy of Orthodoxy and The Early Text of the New Testament. 81 more words