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On Sola Scriptura

“You might imagine that such a belief system as Protestantism, which has as its cardinal doctrine that Scripture alone is authoritative in matters of faith, would first seek to prove that this cardinal doctrine met its own criteria. 253 more words

The Scriptures and Prophetic Revelation

John Paul Jackson is a controversial figure to many given his past affiliation with the so-called Kansas City Prophets.  Right away, this raises red flags for many, and I must confess that a few pop up within me, too.    236 more words

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If You Believe It, You Have It - Got Christianity?

If You Believe It, You Have

By Jack Kelley

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life John 3:16.  601 more words


"The ever-living, eternally youthful Word" by Herman Bavinck

“Holy Scripture is not an arid story or ancient chronicle but the ever-living, eternally youthful Word, which God, now and always, issues to His people. It is the eternally ongoing speech of God to us. 404 more words

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Blessed Mary, Ever Virgin

One of the more notable differences between Catholicism and Protestantism’s is their respective attitudes toward Mary, the Mother of Christ. Catholicism shows a great veneration and respect for her while Protestantism gives her little attention or a token mention on Christmas. 1,017 more words

12 Musings By Jack Reagan

Transubstantiation: a Catholic lie

In reading John 6, Catholics say, one part, Jesus spoke metaphorically, and within the same context, He also spoke as a literalist, meaning He was merely using ‘play on words’ when He spoke of eating the words from the mouth of God BUUUTTT when He spoke of eating His flesh, He meant that literally. 226 more words

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The truth and the Catholic Church

Dear Friend,

My colleagues and I had an interesting conversation over lunch about the Church and contraception. Now before I move on any further, let me tell you that I am a cradle Catholic. 1,883 more words