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Two Informative Sites

Two Informative Sites:

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#1 Earth Changing Extremities -  I follow this site through my WordPress Reader to keep on top of the daily happenings around the world that has to do with our climate, natural disasters, die offs and other interesting things. 141 more words


Exploring the effects of humanly generated factors in the role played by Solar activity in the climate.

Exploring the effects of humanly generated factors in the role played by Solar activity in the climate.

It is a matter of debate if the solar activity is a major force driving climatic events independently from any other factor. 4,520 more words

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08 April 2014 News Posts

I’m working on a series regarding current science. In the meantime, I need to get back to posting these. A lot going on out there that folk aren’t hearing about. 7 more words


China To Launch Earthquake-Forecasting Satellite in 2016, as Pacific Rim of Fire Becomes More Active

According to an article in the English-language website of China News Service (CNS), posted Thursday, April 3th, China will launch a polar-orbiting satellite that will seek to detect earthquake “precursor” signals in the electrical, magnetic, and related properties of the ionosphere in 2016. 467 more words

Solar Activity

Is Science Proving Astrology?

Is Science Proving Astrology?

Professor Alberto Saco Alvarez of the University of Vigo in Ourense, Spain has found significant statistical correlations between solar activity and the prevalence of some autoimmune diseases and mental disorders. 242 more words


ReBlog Me:Solar Storms in 2013

“Another article I had publish again in early 2013.Just for the observations…”

The life giver of the world in the past few years was relatively inert  and he is being prepared to send us a huge dose of energy, creating a lot of concerns about the impact that  this could have both in living beings, and to the nets of energy transmission .According to scientists in 2012 and 2013 will be years of intensive phenomenon, and  initially had been given a date (9/22/12), which will be the D-Day invasion of the Solar on the Earth. 1,579 more words

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