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It's baaack! Giant sunspot returns

TORONTO – The sunspot that was the largest astronomers had seen in almost 30 years has turned back towards Earth.

Though not as big as it was when it first turned towards us two weeks ago, it is still significant. 201 more words


Biggest Sunspot In 24 Years Traveled Across Sun

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) – Solar observers tracked the largest sunspot seen since 1990, reports CNet.

The sunspot, named Active Region 12192, grew to about 80,000 miles across as it moved across the sun’s surface from October 17th to the 29th. 330 more words


New on 500px : AR 2192 by markg by markg

26 Oct 2014 – the end of another day as the sun sets to the west of Wellington, New Zealand. It’s been quite an active period lately for our Sun, and a massive sunspot – AR 2192, has formed. 89 more words

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Solar flare danger - massive sunspot the size of Jupiter takes aim at Earth

The potential for a massive solar flare directed at Earth is looming large.

An SDO/HMI view of the visible sun showing the largest sunspot… 378 more words

Solar Flare

nasa appears to offer this as an alternative to the jack-o-lantern...

This image combines two sets of observations of the sun at 10:45 AM EDT, July 12, 2012 from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) to give an impression of what the sun looked like shortly before it unleashed an X-class flare beginning at 12:11 PM EDT. 75 more words

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The sun puts on its jack-o'-lantern face a bit early

TORONTO – Halloween may still be more than two weeks away, but tell that to the sun.

On Oct. 8, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) captured an image of active regions on the sun and strangely, they seemed to look like a perfect jack-o’-lantern face. 131 more words