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Study: Solar Activity Could Be Increasing Climate Change

LONDON (CBS DC) – Though major contributors, human beings are not the only cause of climate change. A new study shows the sun has a major influence on the global climate. 249 more words


Time To Reassess The Role Of The Sun In Climate Change

As the so called pause in global warming continues, space scientists may be giving climate scientists some pause for thought.

Global surface temperatures have remained statistically flat for over a decade following a rapid rise in the second half of the 20th century despite the fact that the long-term increase in carbon dioxide associated with this rapid global warming has continued throughout the whole of the pause period. 1,247 more words


Solar cycle 24 - magnetic activity down, twin peaks seem certain

NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) has published its latest graphs for the month of July, and while sunspot and radio flux numbers showed little change and increased respectively, the Geomagnetic Ap index is back near the bottom again. 139 more words


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Solar cycle 24 – magnetic activity down, twin peaks seem certain

New Study States that Solar Activity Could Cause Global Warming, not Human Activity

Nick Hallett — Breitbart.com — July 30, 2014

The impact of carbon dioxide on climate change may have been overstated, with solar activity giving a better explanation of changes in the Earth’s temperature, according to Chinese scientists.

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Global Warming

Climate Cooling Predicted by New Solar Theory

Dr David Evans has proposed a new theory that he believes  demonstrates the link between the Sun’s total solar irradiance (TSI) and the Earth’s climate. The idea that TSI and the Earth’s Climate are linked is not a new or novel theory. 871 more words


Early look at Solar Cycle 24 July Activity

Since late last year, Solar Cycle 24 has picked up activity as it goes through a double peak maximum.   I doubt that is an official term but it does describe what has been going on. 475 more words

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