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Major X1.8 Solar Flare heading towards Earth - Dec 20, 2014

On December 17, 2014, active Region 12242 unleashed a strong M8.7 solar flare and the same region unleashed again a major solar flare, this time a major X.18 associated with the last blast was a TenFlare/Radio Burst and an R3 Radio Blackout. 40 more words


X-flare on Dec. 20th | Southgate Amateur Radio News

X-flare on Dec. 20th | Southgate Amateur Radio News.


According to Spaceweather.com, a X1.8-class solar flare has disrutped HF communications in the South Pacific.   45 more words

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DHS admits catastrophic impact of EMP

F. Michael Maloof,  WND

130 million Americans at risk, yet feds have no national planning scenario in place. 605 more words


How we could lose EVERYTHING...

It’s interesting to note that Air Force One is hardened against and EMP event soooo….dear leader could just fly away to a more comfortable country while the U.S. begins a death spiral: