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M7-Class Solar Flare and Earthquake in Mexico

M7-Class Solar Flare and Earthquake in Mexico

Today there has been an strong M7-class solar flare. Below there is an image of this extreme ultraviolet flash. 142 more words

Questions for Jim - What is the Connection Between the Solar Flares and Us?

Jim Self clearly and concisely explains how and why solar flares affect us.
(video 4:34)

A Graceful Solar Eruption from NASA! | greenpacks.org

The phenomenon of solar flares is nothing new. We are already well aware of the 11 year solar cycle that sees this fiery cosmic show ebb and flow and this has been going on for millions of years now. 42 more words

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2014-2015 Lunar Eclipse Cycle... A Time to be Truly Balanced...

For a few years now we are observing the world around us literary ‘heating up’ and expanding, as high intensity solar activity and photon energy (the latter being a magnetic flow of light on the galactic plane, along the Milky Way where there is a great concentration of stars that give birth to ‘photon light particles’) influences the magnetics and core make-up of Mother Earth and all of Humanity. 885 more words

New Energy Consciousness

Bundy Ranch, Blood Moon and Solar Flares.

Today, I would like to share my thoughts about all of this.  The Second Civil War.  It has been brewing for a while now.  I think this may be the be the fire to blow it wide open.  332 more words

Another Day In Paradise

Racing With the Sun

See the video preview.

This documentary is about the need to protect the power grid from solar eruptions. The power grid is not hardened to withstand high-energy electro-magnetic bombardment, and scientists are concerned that the grid could be virtually destroyed. 92 more words