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Does a "Rebound Effect" Negate Efficiency gains LED Lighting?

This week the NY Times ran a piece titled “The Problem with Energy Efficiency” the opinion piece posits that energy efficiency technologies such as LED don’t lead to much overall energy savings, essentially because they enable more consumption. 549 more words


Qual è il costo dell’illuminazione con Solatube

Si è discusso molto su Solatube e i suoi incredibili benefici. Questi dispositivi descrivono perfettamente la nozione “Go Green”. Grazie alla sua tecnologia green ogni angolo della casa è perfettamente illuminato. 394 more words


Securing Your Area with Perimeter Lighting

It has been scientifically found to be true that people often feel safer in areas that are well lit. The feeling of safety cannot be quantified but it is very evident and palpable. 488 more words

How Does Solar Penal Cells Work?

The solar panels collect the radiation from the sun and convert the energy into electricity. these panels contains several individual solar cells. These cells works similar to the large semi-conductors. 232 more words

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The Benefits & Drawbacks of Solar Power

The introduction of Solar Power in various industries and homes has created a lot of buzz across the world. People are coming forward to find out more and more about this form of energy. 352 more words

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Preparedness Week, Day 1

Out of the blue, I got an email saying that it was day one of the challenge and we could not go to the grocery store, gas station, or spend any money anywhere for the next 7 days. 1,134 more words


Solar Outdoor Lights are more and more popular in USA

Lighting has seen a tremendous transformation over the years. It began with simple incandescent lights that provided enough light but came with a few disadvantages. In a bid to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and also increase efficiency in light bulbs the US government has come up with the United States Lighting Energy Policy. 454 more words

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