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Solar Plexus Chakra

You solar plexus chakra is found about two inches above your belly button.  This chakra is about you and your power This chakra houses your self-esteem and will power.   302 more words

Spiritual Journey

IV The Emperor

What does the card depict? 

The Emperor usually depicts a mature man, sitting kingly on a throne with a stern look upon his face. He is often adorned with rich clothing, and/or armor. 609 more words



A wonderful day to everyone! This is my prayer for you all today and all the days to come. Although in truth all our days cannot be wonderful or else we would have a short life, but we can however pray not to see devastation, and to have victory if problems should arrive. 2,259 more words

Daily Posts

Dome of The Sky

Dome Of The Sky

Archers rival along the meridian
Elliptical universe making equations
While the solar plexus vibrate
Unearthing the galactic tide
Spiraling orbital frequencies… 23 more words


Passion without Reason - the Art of Tapping in

The art of tapping into our passion

By Jamil Haidari

Passion is the fuel that drives us in all our en devours both internal and external.   396 more words

I am worthy

A prayer for worthiness
I approve of myself and in all the things that I do .
I trust the choices and actions that I make. 284 more words

Solar Plexus

Clearing, cleansing and balancing the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA

Hi guys! Here is a video I made to help clear and fill your Solar Plexus Chakra. In this video I channel the beloved Archangel Michael to assist us in the healing. 11 more words