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April 16 Energy News


¶   “Oil Limits and Climate Change: How They Fit Together” The likely effect of oil limits–one way or the other–is to bring down the economy, and because of this bring an end to pretty much all carbon emissions very quickly. 599 more words

Nuclear Power

'ACWUA' continues support of Powering Middle East Summit

The Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) has offered its continuing support to the Powering Middle East Summit series. The summit has already set itself up as a hub for solar innovators and experts but is also a strong platform for the development and adoption of water energy technologies. 384 more words

Thanks to China, the age of renewable energy has begun

Recently the investment bank Citigroup declared that ‘the age of renewables’ has begun. Solar power is emerging from the nursery of subsidies and environmentalism into real word energy markets. 637 more words


Solar-Powered Gers

If the title of this post is a bit confusing, maybe it will help if I explain what a ger is.

A ger is basically a large portable tent made from a wooden frame covered with felt. 314 more words


A Model Green Village by Dr. Rushi Ghadawala

Recently, a model for a “Green Village” was developed by Dr. Rushi Ghadawala. The Green Village will be completely energy independent – utilizing renewable energy sources like Solar Energy, Wing Energy, Biogas Plants and Tidal Energy (if the chosen region is a coastal one). 461 more words


April 15 Energy News


¶   “Biomass Emissions Question Arises Again” A wide variety of publications have picked up a study from an anti-biomass organization. Rebuttals are coming from a number of sources, ranging from the biomass industry itself to environmental groups.  576 more words

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