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Solar Power International Expo 2014 — Las Vegas

Solar Power International (SPI) has closed out for another year. Many buyers arrived to interview the many and varied solar providers. Deals were made. The solar business market share in the energy sector will grow as a result. 1,192 more words

Holiday to Health

A CHANCE ENCOUTER on an African holiday has led to a project by the Rotary Club of Ripon to provide a secure water supply for a Health Clinic in the Gambia, one of Africa’s poorest countries. 303 more words


Hofstetten-Flüh Harness

Just a few kilometres south-west of Basle lies the small village of Hofstetten-Flüh.

It may be small, but it has a brand spanking new school, a great Sports Platz (centre), a bank, and a small grocery store. 62 more words


October 25 Energy News


¶   Rick Piltz passed away. He was a prominent whistleblower during the George W. Bush administration, leaking internal documents, showing that the administration was actively obscuring climate science. 446 more words

Nuclear Power


22 October 2014
By Santiago Miret

Cross-posted from the Stanford Energy Journal.

Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the least developed areas in the world. According to the World Bank, of the… 1,149 more words

Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative

Is storage the new solar? And other news from our solar future...

It wasn’t that long ago–what, just seven, eight years ago now–that solar power was considered, justifiably, an expensive niche technology. Sure, environmentally solar power has always reigned supreme and there were enough people wanting clean energy for their homes to keep the industry in business, but solar was just too costly for mainstream use. 1,294 more words

Solar Power

Can grass-roots innovation be scaled-up through the design and maintenance of social and policy networks?

The states are the “laboratories of democracy. ” They are often the source of new policy ideas, including new strategies for encouraging investment in renewable energy. 248 more words

Energy Efficiency