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India to lift solar power target to 15 GW by 2019

India is preparing to lift its solar power target to 15 gigawatts (GW) by 2019, more than five times the current capacity, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks to accelerate clean energy deployment. 52 more words


September 16 Energy News


¶   “Solar & Wind Power Can Be Cost-Competitive In Any Country, Says IEA” A new look at an almost-new report notes that the International Energy Agency says any country can reach a high share of renewable energy cost-effectively, mostly by relying on solar and wind power. 605 more words

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Energize your home with solar power

The cost of electricity increases with time which is beyond one’s control. We rely solely on power generation companies for domestic electric requirement at the moment. 693 more words

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Future grid: energy and transport

I was watching Extant last night and saw a bit of tech that made so much sense; it was a burner cell-phone powered by a chemical reaction you started by twisting it like a glo-stick. 1,159 more words

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Fossil fuel electricity under real threat from solar and wind power

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Of all the developed nations, few have pushed harder than Germany to find a solution to global warming. And towering symbols of that drive are appearing in the middle of the North Sea.

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Tamil Nadu sets solar power price as programme stalls

The electricity regulator for Tamil Nadu set a price for solar-power producers after failing for the past two years to attract investments to a state that gets about 300 days of sun a year. 43 more words


September 15 Energy News


¶   “Happy nuclear free birthday to the people of Japan” Every birthday is special – but today Japan is celebrating something unique. Japan has been nuclear-free for one year. 470 more words

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