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Why the UNFCCC and CBD Should Refrain from Regulating Solar Climate Engineering (Opinion Article)

Reynolds (2015) – Why UNFCCC and CBD Should Refrain from Regulating SRM – Click for download

Some form of international regulation of solar climate engineering is needed, both to manage its benefits and to minimize and possibly compensate for its harmful impacts. 2,453 more words

GeoEngineering Film Tours America's cinemas

Look Up! Telly Award winning Director makes a terrifying discovery while testing time lapse camera equipment then accidentally playing the footage backwards. Look Up ! is a new genre of documentary with an integrated Mobile App component – The film addresses the world’s most dangerous environmental program ever – GeoEngineering and SRM: The science of using airplanes to spray the sky with toxic metals and particles, with the intention of blocking the sun and forcing climate change while creating unknown consequences. 53 more words


Geoengineering: Measuring costs/benefits

Americans, be they policymakers, economists, MBAs, or policy school deans (you know, real Americans) love the Cost-Benefit Analysis. In fact, since the early 1980s several presidential administrations, including Obama’s, have issued… 810 more words

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Geoengineering: The Series

Geoengineering is perhaps the perfect Modern Promethean issue (see here for explanation). I haven’t written about it until now because each time there was a blip on the radar, it would flicker out before I had a chance to gather my thoughts (I have a thing about being late to the party. 583 more words

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Chemtrail Awareness Campaign

Recently I’ve been alerted to two Facebook groups Toronto Truth Movement and The Chemtrail Girls, both promoting a recent local awareness campaign about chemtrails. Apparently the… 61 more words

Toxic Skies: Global Warming and the Geo-Engineering Experiment - The Most Serious Crisis Facing the World Today

After researching the secretive but massive atmospheric aerosol spray operations for the last 7 years, I have concluded that this is one of the most evil and pressing issues facing humanity on a global scale at this time. 66 more words

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