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Open letter to #NASA

Open letter to NASA


I am just about certain that someone has thought about this but, just in case.

I often wonder about the voyager and Pioneer anomaly and can’t help but think that gravity and space-time are coming into play. 200 more words


Mystery! The End Times? Why is There A Giant Hole in the Sun?

The article at the Daily Mail is long and technical. There are also more large, spectacular pictures of the sun. Below is a brief excerpt from the article. 425 more words

Solar Catastrophes and Consciousness

From OWE (August 26th, 2012). I no longer agree with everything I wrote in this post but most of it still resonates.

My long-term readers will know that in many of my older posts I talked a little about the link between solar storms and consciousness and the period surrounding the solar catastrophe. 2,000 more words


FEMA Document Admits Solar Flare Could Collapse U.S. Power Grid For Years

By J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) Tens of millions of Americans face years of loss of electrical power if major solar storms ramp up in the future, sending electromagnetic pulses that will destroy grids and infrastructure, according to an internal two-year-old Department of Homeland Security document. 685 more words

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Document says FEMA unsure of damage to grid from magnetic storm

Sun emits a mid-level flare Dec. 4, 2014 / AP

Millions of Americans face catastrophic loss of electrical power during a future magnetic space storm that will disrupt the electric grid and cause cascading infrastructure failures, according to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document. 136 more words