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http://solarwatcher.net/ is a good site for updates about the sun. However, some videos require membership, but not all of them.

Below is a video I watched. 87 more words



WASHINGTON – A dark sunspot cluster on the sun said to nearly the size of the planet Jupiter is coming into alignment with Earth

AR2192, estimated to be 80,000 miles wide, is said to be spewing powerful solar flares in the most extreme X-range, some 14 times the size of Earth. 246 more words

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Fun Friday Post - This is Lunacy!

“Theres a bad moon on the rise” – John Fogerty, CCR

End of the world theories, doomsday sayers, false prophets, and apocolyptica are nothing new. Every so many years, a few crazies will crawl out of the wood work and claim they had a premonition or discovered some hidden secret buried in ancient text that prophesies the end of the human race and/or world.

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UK Leads New International Solar Storm Tracking Initiative

UK scientists have unveiled a new £2.5 million (€3.2 million) project that will improve forecasts of solar storms, including their arrival time and impact on the Earth. 54 more words


Add Sunspots to the List of Possible Causes of Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

In 2006 a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) emerged. Beekeepers and scientists noticed that large numbers of adult honey bees were leaving their hives and failing to return, which had large implications for farmers and growers who use honey bees as pollinators. 359 more words

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