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Can the Zenithstar 71mm manage solar?

There was a lot of scudding cloud about this morning so I wasn’t planning to do anything too complicated this am.

I was getting my WO Zenithstar 420/71mm ready for trying to image Andromeda some night soon when it got a bit clearer so I thought I would see what it could manage. 111 more words


Amazing Universe Picture [ September 20, 2014 at 03:12PM ]

Details: http://ift.tt/1AWQVYr

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Supermassive black hole in dense dwarf galaxy discovered

Astronomers from the University of Utah recently found a supermassive black hole in a very small dwarf galaxy, M60-UCD1, one of the smallest galaxies currently known. 61 more words

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What I Learned Today 9/19/2014

Yesterday was a sad day. My Baba Joe died, so we had a day of mourning. If you didn't know my Baba Joe, he was my grandpa. 441 more words


In This...

Life is so full of contradictions.
Yoga teacher training night,
and I wanted to be back home
while simultaneously enjoying
being in the company
of my fellow trainees. 80 more words


The Dream, Shattered

I was alive and well in my dream-state, fixated on the wonderful future of my 400-year old reinvented ego on Mars, when a writer on a website decided to concentrate on the ugliness that investment-grade companies like BlackRock produce and I, in my gullible innocence, decided to trust and read that writer’s work. 348 more words

solar system minibook

I am learning about the Solar System and I made a minibook, because minibooks are fun. I memorized the planets, using this song!

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