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Can DMT Connect The Human Brain To A Parallel Universe? | Science, Spirit & Metaphysics

Dr. Rick Strassman in his book DMT: the Spirit Molecule, claims that DMT, which is one of the most powerful psychedelic drugs, can provide a reliable and regular access to the other planes of existence.   524 more words


Solar System Project

Due Friday, October 17th.  Materials can be purchased at WalMart, Target, Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree. Posters will not be used, all materials are found on the sheet below and instructions will be sent home in Tuesday folders.  

Project Solar System

Webcast: Solving the Drought Starts with Mankind's Mastery over the Solar System

Webcast: Solving the Drought Starts with Mankind’s Mastery over the Solar System

 Surviving the tragic drought and water shortage devastating our nation’s food supply, and restoring the U.S. 183 more words


Be very, very careful what you put into your head...

Being the child of scientists I thoroughly enjoyed this video!  Like mom always said, “Never believe everything you’re told. Question EVERYTHING!”

50 Science Misconceptions.


Earth's Water Is Older Than The Sun | Effing Love Science

Before you yawn at a seemingly boring factoid, think for a second what the implications of this headline could be. What do you mean the water on our planet is older than the Sun that sustains us? 258 more words


Earth's water is older than the sun: Likely originated as ices that formed in interstellar space

Water was crucial to the rise of life on Earth and is also important to evaluating the possibility of life on other planets. Identifying the original source of Earth’s water is key to understanding how life-fostering environments come into being and how likely they are to be found elsewhere. 645 more words