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Space Without the Space

Posted on July 3, 2014 by Jaime Trosper in Infographics, Solar System with 1 Comment

When we think about our solar system, most of our mind’s likely wander to Jupiter’s… 699 more words

Astronomers Discover an Ancient Solar System That’s Very Similar to Our Own

Astronomers have discovered an ancient solar system very similar to our own that dates back to the “dawn of the galaxy.”

Using NASA’s Kepler telescope, a team of international scientists found a star named Kepler-444 and five orbiting planets that are similar in size to Earth, the BBC reports. 79 more words

Ancient star with five Earth-size planets...

Details: http://ift.tt/1to607m

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Amazing Universe Picture [ January 28, 2015 at 12:53PM ]

Details: http://ift.tt/1z9ER7H

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SpaceX - Dreamers or Crazy?

As we talked about last week, space is the next frontier for humans that are on this planet. Everyday we come closer and closer to having a bigger presence in this Solar System of ours. 296 more words


Distant exoplanet hosts giant ring system


Astronomers say they have discovered a planet with a gigantic ring system that is 200 times larger than that around Saturn. It is the first such structure detected around a planet beyond our Solar System.  21 more words

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Dawn Captures the Bestest Images Ever of "Hipster Planet" Ceres

This is the second animation from Dawn this year showing Ceres rotating, and at 43 pixels across the images are officially the best ever obtained! 140 more words