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EPC ratings for FIT – an energy performance con? - Good Energy blog

Should there be a minimum Energy Peformance Certificate requitrement to get Feed in Tarriffs?
This matters in Bristol since most buildings in the inner suburbs are old, solid walled, and not only ‘hard to heat’ but ‘hard to treat.’ In some cases adding carbon-free renewables for heat or power would be more cost effective than the challenge of adding solid wall insulation, for instance. 10 more words

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Super efficient perovskites are dazzling solar cell researchers

There’s a lot of excitement about a class of materials called perovskites that promise to deliver efficient and cheap solar cells. Watching progress in perovskite research is fascinating because perovskites have been able to boost their efficiencies — the percentage of available sunlight that they convert to electricity — more rapidly than any other solar cell material that has been mass produced or being developed in labs. 557 more words

Farmers in Canada Install Solar at Great Benefit to Whole Community

Sun Phase energy is excited to see solar being used in such innovative ways to benefit the community.  A small community of farmers in Alberta, Canada are using solar to cut energy costs and help pump water to citizens in remote areas.  355 more words


Ivanpah solar seeks government grant to pay off government loan

The owners of a massive solar plant located in California’s Mohave Desert, west of Las Vegas, Nevada, have discovered that the sun does not shine all the time. 477 more words

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This holiday week seemed to be a good place to identify some of these terms so that they can be readily accessed by establishing a link to this article in future articles. 675 more words


November 28 Energy News

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¶   Stanford engineers have invented a revolutionary coating material that can help cool buildings by radiating heat away from them and sending it directly into space. 623 more words

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