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Race Tank

A small soldier driving his Race Tank


The Glory of War

War, greatest and most glorious of things,
The heroes it makes, the medals it brings.
To fight for a flag against evil men
What could be nobler than killing them? 260 more words


My Brother's Keeper

In times of pain some turn outward and others fall inward.
I’m of the latter category.

So, here’s my personal blog.
Personal; as in I am exposing my inner emotions and it’s open to the world. 161 more words


ZarB E Azb

If  I  Die  in  a  war  zone…..

Box   me  up  n  send  me  home….

put  my  medals  on  my  chest….

Tell  my  mom  i did  my  best…… 44 more words


The Ultimate Sacrifice

As I begin my journey as a blogger, one that I hope will lead to a more productive and less-boring summer,  I’ve spent a lot of time thinking “what the hell am I going to talk about?”  The answer to that is who knows, really; anything that I want to.   172 more words


The Howling of the Wind

Originally published on thereader.in


The soldier was waiting on top of the mountain. The wind was howling like he had never heard it howl before. 1,413 more words

Nigerian Military declares soldier missing after the Helicopter crash

‘The Nigerian military has declared one soldier missing after an air accident Monday involving a military helicopter in Borno State.

The military said it recovered the body of the pilot, while a technician also on board of the air force helicopter was declared “missing in action”. 188 more words