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Fallen Soldier

An unnamed tomb

Where claimants lay estranged

And anonymity is labeled

In the absence of a name

The burial place of stillness

A vacancy within a body… 41 more words


Sons And Daughters Get Support From Blue Star Mothers Back Home

During World War II the Blue Star Mothers of America organization was formed in the United States to provide support for mothers who had sons or daughters in active service in the war. 134 more words


Al-Jumuah 7

Al-Jumuah 7: And they will never invoke it because of what their hands have sent before; and Allah is Cognizant of the unjust.

http://quran.com/62facebook/AlJumuah7, twitter/AlJumuah7


#DSMMCM1415: Facebook failed to flag up Rigby killer's message

Back in 2012 Michael Adebowale had an exchange with an extremist overseas where he expressed his “intent to murder a soldier in the most graphic and emotive manner”, according to a report by the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee. 93 more words

United Kingdom

The Guessing Game-The Soldiers

In a world of reciprocal colours,
Black and White mark the rivalry between.
Soldiers flipped will soon proliferate as losers
are deemed none other than mortified traitors. 35 more words