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An Inruder Within the Ranks

There was an imposter within our battalion. It seemed like every move we made out in the jungle while out on patrol we were ambushed. It was like someone knew every move we were making. 1,034 more words

Short Stories


Bravo, bravo

He’s a soldier

And he’ll go

Out to fight

In the war


Maybe, maybe

He’ll return

A hero

Or suddenly

Be no more… 130 more words


Dawn breaks with the daunting promise of an endless feud fought by the peaceful thoughtless on the frontline, whilst the remains lay hidden from gazing generality. 458 more words

A Soldier’s Poem (#war #conflict #welfare)

This is a poem from one of our visitors which relays the feeling of many soldiers around the world.

After dedicating one’s life to what one believes at the time is an honourable and just cause, many soldiers return to question the motives of those who are responsible for sending them into conflict. 991 more words

Government & Politics

Ukrainian soldiers shot a colleague from National Guard

Murdered soldier of the battalion “Donbass” (first left)

Soldiers of the 93rd Brigade of the Ukrainian army shot and killed a soldier of battalion “Donbass” of Ukrainian National Guard. 235 more words


Gaming is serious business: VBS3 TRADOC Now

Virtual Battle Space 3 is the Army’s flagship gaming program.  It’s a three-dimensional, first-person shooter simulation that immerses Soldiers in a rich and realistic environment.  Although fun, the game is serious business and is accredited to train Soldiers on more than 100 combined arms tasks.

Training With Technology

“Am I a Soldier of the Cross” By Isaac Watts.

“Am I a Soldier of the Cross”
Lord’s Day Hymn
By Isaac Watts, 1721

“Am I a soldier of the cross,
A follower of the Lamb, 136 more words

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