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The Hell Where Youth and Laughter Go

On this ANZAC Day it behoves us to consider again the memories that those thousands of returned servicemen and women are unable to share with those of us who’ve never been where they went. 117 more words


I’ve seen this quote in quite a few places and I have always really liked it but I decided to make it look pretty by using a website called picmonkey! 67 more words


To use horses you must build a stable:

Building Level Level Required Resources Exp. Points Speed 1 9 170 Wood, 135 Stone 5 10% 2 15 8900 Rubies 15 60% 3 25 12300 Rubies 21 120%


Celebrating Ram’s Birthday.

(20 Apr ’08)

            Husband looked shocked: almost like I was responsible for the Scarlett episode. “You want to go to Sandhurst Road, Dongri, for Ramnavami? These are synonyms for traffic jam.” I said it was a part of Mumbai I’d not seen. 637 more words

Welcome to the USO!

Hello Readers!

Well another show is here and this time it takes place at the USO! In keeping with the theme of the show here is some history about the USO. 285 more words