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To use horses you must build a stable:

Building Level Level Required Resources Exp. Points Speed 1 9 170 Wood, 135 Stone 5 10% 2 15 8900 Rubies 15 60% 3 25 12300 Rubies 21 120%


Celebrating Ram’s Birthday.

(20 Apr ’08)

            Husband looked shocked: almost like I was responsible for the Scarlett episode. “You want to go to Sandhurst Road, Dongri, for Ramnavami? These are synonyms for traffic jam.” I said it was a part of Mumbai I’d not seen. 637 more words

Welcome to the USO!

Hello Readers!

Well another show is here and this time it takes place at the USO! In keeping with the theme of the show here is some history about the USO. 285 more words

What Happened To The Guards Of Jesus Burial Site?????

I read this on Sunday and thought before we move on completely from the thought of Easter Sunday morning it might be interesting to consider the experience of the guards who found themselves caught up in the events they didn’t fully understand. 503 more words


Dog Soldiers

In the vein of thrillers such as Predator and An American Werewolf in London, DOG SOLDIERS follows a band of soldiers who, while on a routine military exercise, must battle a deadly, violent beast preying on their blood.