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A journalist's perspective on mental illness and war

War can seem like a very distant thing to many people in the US. The war is not happening on our soil so we don’t directly see the effects from day to day. 480 more words


Soldiers Living With PTSD "You Don't Get Over It"

Simon Hattenstone and Eric Allison

The Guardian

Robert Kilgour blames a history of violence on his time in the army – and he’s not alone. As British soldiers withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq, we meet the veterans still living in the line of fire… 6,111 more words


Kriegstagebuch Fritz Schilling 1914-1918

The digital version of the Kriegstagebuch Fritz Schilling 1914-1918 has been created by his granddaughter Kerstin Schilling. During the First World War Fritz Rudolf Schilling (1891-1942) served with the Berlin Corps Fernsprechabteilung, a communication unit of the German Army, both at the Russian front and in France. 39 more words


Yoga Aids Veterans Suffering From PTSD

The other day I was scrolling through The Washington Post and stumbled upon a great article on one of the great benefits people experience through yoga. 556 more words

World War I in 100 Objects

World War I. An event mostly remembered for its grisly statistics, tranches and scarred land left behind. In this latest release World War I in 100 Objects allows readers to view this tragic period via items used in the Great War. 186 more words

Book Reviews

Our Military

I don’t let many things steal my joy, but if you really want to piss me off, talk bad about our military. I just read an article about Kristen Stewart, in this article, it seems as if she is calling our members of the military simple and stupid. 462 more words

Kristen Stewart

Mummy on the Orient Express: Wounded in a Forgotten War...

I haven’t forgotten that I promised a follow up post for Kill The Moon, however, I am probably going to return to that post after the season ends, in order to include examples from the whole series. 2,231 more words