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What can a VA bring to your table?

So you have heard the buzz lately about Virtual Assistants (VAs), and you kind of know what they do, and have wondered could they help you and your business. 395 more words

New Business

VAT Account and the Trading, Profit & Loss Account for sole traders

It is apparently the most polluted day today in England so hence why I am sitting inside protecting my lungs writing up this blog…. Its been two weeks since I’ve updated due traveling and all sorts which all came very spontaneously I might add. 1,371 more words

Financial Accounting

Time Management for Self Employed

One of the most tedious things I ever had to do when I was working as part of a team in my previous life in a crowded office was Time Management reports; these consisted of noting on a chart every single thing I did all day long for a period of about three days. 495 more words


Reality kicks in

Ok reality has kicked in this morning. I finally got a reply from the voluntary organisation in India who want me as a volunteer. Nice to feel wanted at least and looking forward to seeing what I could be doing but the stepping right out of my comfort zone has really hit me. 230 more words

Private Sector Ownership

Click on the  link below to download private sector ownership presentation

Private sector ownership


How To Be A Successful Entrepeneur (Interview)

Last year I conducted an interview on how to be a successful entrepreneur. This was all part of me finding out what I like to write about and so I figured, business might be the way to go. 795 more words


Start Your Own Business Tax Scheme

Announced in October 2013,  this scheme allows enterprises that consist of a sole trader to earn up to 40k before hitting income tax. It runs for 2 years and to qualify a sole trader must be 12 months unemployed prior to registering with revenue. 6 more words