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Taking out the trash

This ain’t Kansas, Toto. And it sure isn’t Norway either, which is where I’ve spent most of my life. A place where 25°C is regarded as a very hot day, where people don’t shout in the streets or talk to strangers (unless drunk), and car horns are used so rarely that you’ll immediately get everyone’s attention when you do use it. 745 more words


Renewable energy from organic food waste – Tata Motors shows the way

Established in 1966, the Pune unit of Tata Motors is spread over two geographical regions – Pimpri (800 acres) and Chinchwad (130 acres). The unit houses a Production Engineering Division, which has one of the most versatile tool making facilities in the Indian subcontinent. 332 more words

Solid waste management in the food processing industry

India is the world’s second largest food producer next to China. The food processing industry is a vital link and synergy between the two pillars of our country’s economy – industry and agriculture. 376 more words

SWM: Learning from Gujarat and Recommendations for Bangalore

The current garbage crisis in Bangalore is that we are not being allowed to dump in Mandur and we are struggling to find other dumpyards. The currently proposed solution is to segregate at source. 265 more words

Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management Gives Government a Black Eye

The following extracted from David Spieler’s Facebook page, he is an environmental activist.

Here’s a letter that I sent to Barbados Today. I am publishing it myself, Without Prejudice… 1,210 more words


The Solution To The Garbage Problem Is In Our Hands

If a garbage problem exists in Bangalore it is only because we as citizens have not taken it as our responsibility to manage the waste that we generate. 381 more words

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