Vi ska skapa plattform för dialog!

Hoppas kunna skapa nätverk och dialog inom stadsplaneringen i Raseborg och Ekenäs. artikel


Reko-ringar och crowdfunding - gamla fenomen i Facebook-kläder

I Västra Nyland och på några andra orter i Svenskfinland har vi nyligen fått ta del av “nya” sätt att handla närproducerat.  Modellen som är aktuell just nu kallas… 715 more words


Stulna visioner och äkta pärlor i Ekenäs

Insändare i VN 4.3 2014

Just före jul blev namnlistor med ca 700 namn mot en citymarket i Norra hamnen stulna i en liten butik i Ekenäs. 685 more words

Solidarity, Democracy, Sustainability And Peace

Cooperation and happiness go hand in hand

My father-in-law was a history professor whose special interest was Scandinavian life and civilization. American teachers often use humor to illustrate the subject at hand, and this joke was one he used to introduce the topic of perceived differences between people in the Nordic countries: 641 more words


Norrebro bikes for clean air

I recently came home from a week in Copenhagen  where I took this picture.

The Norrebro kids learn early that: “Norrebro bikes for clean air” as the sign on the banner says. 30 more words


We should pay people for being alive!

How can we change the world of work?  By not agreeing to stupid old fashioned contracts and routines, by not being at work just for the sake of it, to clock in and out day in and out, to commute every day  - to refuse be a cog in a machine we do not believe in ourselves anymore and work for a basic-income for everyone. 501 more words