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I love the morning. It is the quietest part of my day and the only time I can read without feeling like I am neglecting something else that needs to be done. 259 more words


A Second Spring

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

Albert Camus


The Irresistible Attraction Of Rebellion

The Thursday before her ‘date’ with Black, Vivian was still obliged to do her job at plantation C. She was up early, and enjoyed coffee, toast and orange juice on her porch. 496 more words


Solitude and Thinking

I have been alone here now for a little over a week. It feels strange to live alone again for the first time in many years. 213 more words


If You Can't Beat Them...

Vivian twisted out of Black’s grip and pushed through the shoulder deep water toward shore. She ran onto the beach mindless of her nakedness.  It was too late to be demure about that. 650 more words


A Novice Biker Babe At Fifty

Gradually, Vivian Montgomery came to understand that she had become an ‘agent’ of Black’s Bikers, as she came to know them. Jake rolled a joint and offered it to Vivian.  486 more words


Just A Pretty Pawn

After tending to plot C, Jake led the way out of the forest and onto the muddy road.  They strode up the road, Vivian following him with the now lighter duffle bag on her back.  576 more words