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Daily Riches: Restlessness and Grace (A. B. Simpson)

“… a friend placed in my hand a book called True Peace. It was an old mediaeval message, and it had but one thought – that God was waiting in the depths of my being to talk to me if I would only get still enough to hear His voice. 414 more words


Vulnerability has a scent, and I wasn't wearing it

…and other unusual things said to me lately.

Scent has always played a huge role in my life. As such, I own probably an inordinate amount of scented things, personal and home. 1,348 more words


Surrender to Surprise

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I learned that from “The Brady Bunch” (or Math class). MapQuest gives two or three options, typically seeking the most efficient way, but based on personal experience, not necessarily precise or logical.   494 more words


Alone Or Lonely

A few years ago I caught part of an interesting discussion on NPR about solitude… the reflection that really stood out was ~ If you don’t know how to be alone then all you’ll know is loneliness. 405 more words



I love the morning. It is the quietest part of my day and the only time I can read without feeling like I am neglecting something else that needs to be done. 259 more words