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Il progetto di se stesso

Quanti graffi quanto dolore
Quante lacrime quanto seme
Quanta rabbia quanto sudore
E quanto di me distrutto.
Quanto sbattere senza senso
Chiodi su legni slabbrati. 30 more words

Thought this was pretty interesting... The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit. An interview in GQ

Thought this interview from GQ about a hermit from the state of Maine, in the U.S.A., was pretty interesting. Give it a read.

Let me know what you think.


Christopher Thomas Knight

Love is..not reading together :)

( This is a painting by Loernzo Mattotti http://www.mattotti.com/ . While, the idea and emotion behind it is, I guess decidedly romantic and many would find it pretty awesome, I don’t /wouldn’t subscribe to it. 52 more words

Just Ramblings

O sky

O sky

a blue linen sheet
where no bed should be

O cloud

puff white
and shook free

O my love

the yellow flowers
have died… 24 more words



sometimes I am afraid
that I will lose them,
those precious truths
I cling to so hungrily,
in the sea of needs
that say otherwise… 50 more words


How I fought my loneliness addiction in one week

This fiction is a response to Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling. It’s like drug. Well, I know it would be quite inappropriate to compare loneliness to drug, but just think about it, drug and loneliness are surprisingly alike in the way they affect us: we have heard bad things about it (movies and music helps a lot in raising awareness!), we try to stay away from it by blending ourselves into crowds and trying to fit in, then boom, in the very moment of weakness, it attacks us. 1,044 more words

Random Thoughts

August 26, 2014 A cha cha kind of day

Two steps forward, one step back

You know those days when everything you do, even the simplest task, requires extra planning and thought? Well, that would be today. 834 more words