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Decisions For Me

Ahhh… Sundays.

How bittersweet they can be.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my weekend.  I took Friday completely off from work and I did some errands and got my hair cut.   546 more words

Randoms and whatnot

I’ve often wondered why it is that we grow to become distant with people we once were so close to.

For example, my brother and I used to be super tight back when we were kids and teenagers. 249 more words


A Quiet Place

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about photo jaunts around here is the fact that very few of the spots I want to visit come with safe places to park. 355 more words


Ghostly Regrets

Orphaned deeds
Now flood
The hull of my conscience

Storming the gash
As I topple over
Full with remorse
Hopelessly, Overrun

I reclaim the sorrows… 29 more words


Questions of Community

There are several related idols in contemporary culture: the group, the team, and the community. Each one has a different character, and each one has benefits and dangers. 677 more words