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It's a beautiful day and you don't see it... because you're on your phone

5 tips to unplug and enjoy the moment

This video about the power of words went viral a few years ago. You see a blind man modestly begging on the streets. 764 more words



Drifting by,
Like a calm cloud in the storm
Drifting past… Past and away
Into profound silence, nowhere.

All the chatter, can’t engross me.
The mind remains silent, all alone. 82 more words


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Silenced with His Quiet Love

most days, these thoughts
are clouds and rain.
shifting shapes,
composing loud beats,
chasing after
fashionable reasoning
until it is loud and drowning.

beneath it all… 26 more words

Praise And Worship

Self Care Day 16: Time with Friends

Self Care Day 16: Time with Friends

While many of my self care practices can be and are done in solitude, I also recognize the joy and the necessity of quality time with dear friends.   175 more words



Seeking solitude
I find myself alone.
Seeking company.
I find myself alone.


Daily Riches: Dangerous Jesus (Kathleen Norris and Dorothee Soelle) *

“The experience that Jesus had in Gethsemane … is the experience of assent. The cup of suffering becomes the cup of strengthening. Whoever empties that cup has conquered all fear. 376 more words