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July 29, 2014

Solitary lunch
Staring out the window as
Rain pours from the sky

Peace and quiet time
Spent with my own thoughts and plans
Reflect, ponder, chew


Antisocial Nightmare

I am afraid
All is nothing
Why should I even bother?
That’s how I think sometimes
At the end of a long day… 217 more words



They simply never understand,
do they,
that sometimes solitude is
one of the most beautiful things
on earth?
~ Charles Bukowski


We change the world

Are we the tree, are we the leaf, or are we the flower?

Or are we the bud afraid of opening…    afraid to bloom ? 158 more words

Random Thoughts

A Sign of Intelligence: Stalin in Siberia

A new travel story story – of sorts – over at Voyages on the Left. This one follows Joseph Stalin, or Osip as the locals called him, to the Arctic Circle in Siberia: ‘A Sign of Intelligence.’


A Sign of Intelligence: Stalin in Siberia

A sign of intelligence is the ability to make the most of the situation in which you find yourself.

This old piece of advice came to mind as I followed none other than Joseph Stalin to his second Siberian exile. 1,023 more words

Left-wing Travel

The Crib of Epiphanies

I’ve been casually talking and reflecting upon the things that happen while taking a hot bath or in the shower, the ability to disconnect,  and calm down. 739 more words