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another layer of letting go

momentum turns as

I prepare for more solitude.

I have less to gain.

Yoga And Addiction

Let me run a train

When I was young, due to my sister I had to ferry from my semi-urban home to city in a train almost every month. I used to pretend tired and uninterested even though I loved them. 294 more words


Lone Walk #2

A morning/midday walk by the Docklands Pier, in Greenwich.

“But there is greater comfort in the substance of silence than in the answer to a question.” 

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Lone Walks

Journey to the West

Mountains cloaked in cloud

Road stretched to the horizon

Silence then thunder


Sailing a jet-black river

Timeless history

Spring dust blocking sun

Night shifts into muddy day… 7 more words


Developing a Listening Ear.

Why is it important to develop a listening ear?

Because it will help you to transmute the karma you have created through being unwilling to listen, by not wanting to know, not wanting to hear! 89 more words

Personal Development

Smokey's Introduction

I am completely new to blogging or any other kind of public writing, with the exception of Facebook. I have been told i have an interesting writing style – possibly some real talent. 174 more words



Up or down doesn’t matter.
You can always return from
whence you came and start all over