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When Eating Alone is Not an Option

It’s Tuesday, 1:15pm and I am STARVING. The vanilla greek yogurt topped with maple baked granola was a satisfying breakfast (6 hours ago), but now my stomach is knotting in anger. 405 more words


An almost perfect night in Georgetown, Penang...

Having made the decision to spend some more time savouring this splendid Penang, I left the luxury of the Seven Terraces this morning. it’s absolutely stunning but a bit too pricey for a long term stay. 1,139 more words


Liebster blog award goes to Liquid Marmalade!!

“Congratulations, I’ve nominated you for a prize…It’s up to you to choose to accept it. I hope you do.”

That is the very condensed version of the email I received which I happened to read whilst desperately trying to silence my alarm I had somehow forgotten to turn off last Sunday morning. 903 more words


48 Hours in Bangkok, or maybe 96...

Once again i yo-yoed back into Bangkok on my adventure. It’s the gateway to South East Asia so i had a couple of days here until i could catch a train down to Butterworth for an explore around the artistic and culinary delights of Penang Island. 1,981 more words


Solo dining at Spago

I enjoy eating solo. While I understand that sharing a meal is a pleasurable social experience, I also know that some of my most memorable meals have come when I’ve dined by myself. 1,014 more words

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High Tea with Bruce Lee

Everybody has different levels of tolerance for solitude. Me, I’ve always had well-developed solitude management skills. I would do just fine on house arrest.  It actually sounds kinda relaxing to me.  1,843 more words

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Flattery Gets You Everywhere.

Sometimes I treat myself during my lunch break and pick one of the cafes near my work to eat at. The one I picked last Monday happens to have a really delicious BBQ beef ribs with Hickory Sauce that I really enjoy. 335 more words