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Hostel Tips

1. When looking for a hostel, always check reviews online of people travelling the same way as you. Not all hostels suit every kind of traveller, so it’s best to filter results to save time. 336 more words


Beautiful Iceland

Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Hostel: Loft Hostel (http://www.lofthostel.is/)

So this is the third post for my first day in Iceland! The place is just so stunningly beautiful, it is impossible to take a bad picture, and consequently, I have  many pictures. 96 more words


Tour review - BusAbout Europe

It is with much nostalgia and some sadness that today I remove my BusAbout wristband. Upon my arrival in Paris four days ago, my BusAbout time was officially over, however the orange BusAbout band remained on my arm as a great identifier for both myself and other BusAbout passengers whilst staying in the recommended hostel. 436 more words

Solo Travel


Warning: this week’s blog post, a comedic romp into the realm of the sadly under-utilized gluteous maximus muscle, is now interrupted by thoughts of a more serious nature. 1,686 more words


Safety and Tips for Solo Travelers

“Isn’t it dangerous for a girl to travel alone?”

My friends and family all voiced this concern before I left, and it is something that still gets brought up in my conversations with people since returning to the States. 786 more words

Dusseldorf Part One: cocktails, confused faces and plastic forks

Despite the fact that I have travelled quite a bit, I still encounter traveller-firsts. On Sunday, I ticked off two more: working abroad and travelling alone. 1,323 more words


sky painting over Komodo 2

the sky is like one of those art exercises where the black crayon layered over multiple colors is scraped away in a pattern to reveal the color beneath.