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2. Prime Generator

Problem statement can be viewed here.

First we calculate all the primes upto sqrt(1000000000) ~ 32000.

Then we remove the multiples of these primes from the given limits(m, n) and print the remaining numbers.



8785. Cut the Silver Bar

Problem description can be viewed here.

Your task is to cut the bar to “k” number of pieces such that “k” is minimum, provided that you are able to give away any number of pieces using those “k” pieces. 13 more words


Fetch Tester 3000


Easily build FetchXML queries, preview results, export & more with this managed solution for Dynamics CRM.


It happens almost every year

There’s a huge story that hits the news. Everybody becomes enraged. People get online and yell, protest, and bitch about what should be done. They think they know what could be the best solution. 109 more words


-by Chris Ritter

You might have missed a small news story earlier this month that the council of bishops, meeting in Oklahoma, certified that four constitutional changes passed at General Conference 2012 were duly ratified by the necessary 2/3 margin in the annual conferences.  1,514 more words

3 Words

I know I’ve talked before of how sometimes God speaks to me with simple words. whispers of comfort in times of need. maybe it’s a testament to how busy I’ve been or to just how intimately He knows each and every one of His creations and how to meet us exactly where we are. 93 more words


The market size for zero-emission objects

We will solve climate change faster if we focus on growing the market for zero-emission objects rather than cutting emissions. Here are some thoughts on the scale of what needs to happen. 60 more words