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Parental Controls On Smartphone Technology might be the solution to a variety of problems for Parents, Companies and other people.

Legal specialists, the authorities (including the FBI) and child advocates all agree… you are responsible for knowing what your kids and/or employee is involved with. What exactly are they sending and receiving? 13 more words

My Life

Solving the Russia-Crimea-Ukraine Conflict From Outside the Box

I know this suggestion is off the wall and that you may consider me crazy for even suggesting it. Why not give an unconventional, outside the box idea a chance? 232 more words


Bargaining With Anyone

Why is it when one hears terrible news, they turn to some greater being, pleading for it to work out? I am not saying you got some gum in your hair terrible news, but the news you know is inevitable but yet you can’t believe it can possibly happen to you or your loved ones. 159 more words

ShipStation – The Best Web-based Shipping Solution

Getting a basic eCommerce store up and rolling is generally pretty easy nowadays, especially when you take the time to consider how many ways there are to start a free eCommerce website. 141 more words

Blood Moon and the New Culture!

What an exciting time!  As we pass the blood moon eclipse, which marks a time of change and evolution as the human species, we are entering a new era.   501 more words


Do you believe in pixies? I do..but my pixies are far removed from the traditional description. These creatures are devious and torturous, characterized by small acts that make our lives miserable. 125 more words

Curing Humanity