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Panic Attacks

Yesterday I was headed to the beach with my cousin when I felt what I guess can be described as an earthquake happening in my body. 280 more words

A New Direction !

Sipping the coffee I wondered, whether it is a conflict of choice or it is a conscious decision?

How can I not decide, if I am heading to the north or towards the wrong direction.. 218 more words

Compendium Of Thoughts

Clinically Proven Solution

Clinically proven, FDA (US Federal Drug Association, part of the US Department of Health) approved, safe and effective, the iGrow is revolutionising in-home hair re-growth treatments. 37 more words

Hellbound Hackers Encryption 1

I bet all 12 of you subscribers are terribly sick of my horribly written, drunk created, computer code. So let’s get back to my most popular blog topic, cryptography. 124 more words


CSTutoring Center Programming 38 (Python)

We’re given:
Name: An Age Old Question
A young man and his grandfather meet an old lady. The old lady asks the young man: “How old are you?” 111 more words


CSTutoring Center Programming 85 (Python)

We’re given:
Name: Lojban I
Counting in Lojban, an artificial language developed over the last forty years, is easier than in most languages. The numbers from zero to nine are: 96 more words


CSTutoring Center Programming 14 (Python)

We’re given:
Name: Fibonacci Sequence III
Given the first few Fibonacci numbers:

1 1 2 3 5 8 13 …

What is the sum of the first 75 Fibonacci numbers? 53 more words