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Parents. Kids. Situations. Solutions.

This post is dedicated to all the parents and the children in teenage and above. I request my readers to make your parents read this.  First of all Parents, From the children everywhere, I say this to you. 612 more words

Salt Lake City's International Fulfillment Solutions Celebrates 3 Years Meeting Today's Business Needs

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRWEB) July 23, 2014
International Fulfillment Solutions is providing e-commerce companies logistical solutions to their shipping and distribution needs with their Firstmile program. 14 more words

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Munchies: Granola & Berries

(The perfect study snack)

I did a post on better ways to snack, a few things that have been keeping me away from vending machines and satisfy my cravings between meals. 132 more words


A Defined Goal (Post 9 of 9)

I admit I’ve been lazy for most of the time I originally aimed to work on this book. I need to get things in gear for real. 316 more words

Termite Treatment Solutions: More Vital Than Ever in Swarming Season

Homeowners should note that the presence of several alates does not usually equate to more than a thousand crawlers hiding under the walls. The presence of a lot of fliers means that the colony is well established under the house and that more than a thousand worker termites are chewing through its fragile wooden foundation. 58 more words

The Startling Conclusion.

I’ve finally gotten somewhere. Hell, I’ve even got some new meds that might help me sleep for once. And so far, they might be working! … 321 more words


Conflict Minerals: Lessons Learned for a Smoother Year Two Compliance Program

We are now well into the second year of the enforcement of Dodd-Frank section 1502, otherwise known as the “Conflict Minerals Provision”.  Year one was a bit of a roller coaster, with legal challenges and rulings that adjusted – although ultimately did not eliminate – the reporting requirements for SEC filers. 462 more words