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Crontab offset

How to run a cron job with an offset?


To run a task every 20 minutes starting at 5 past the hour, try this:

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We’re Not as Peaceful as We Think: Re-examining Violence

Language is a pretty fickle thing. Over time, some words can get so charged that we feel like we have to tip-toe around them. No one likes to say a school is “failing” their students — instead, it’s “underperforming.” Other words can get so mired in one definition that it makes the word limiting. 836 more words

Creating your own reminder service

Yesterday, a colleague of mine posted about a service called IFTTT (If this then that) which can create relationships between different services like Facebook, Gmail and Twitter.   414 more words

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The gift of comfort

Sam has been working so hard lately – grueling hours on a pressing deadline at the office. I feel bad for the guy! Especially during my pleasant walk home at a reasonable hour, knowing that he’s still got 3+ more to go. 231 more words


Operation Vole Elimination 101


So you just discovered that those cute furry little things are the ones wreaking havoc on your landscapes!  Now, how to identify and eliminate! 292 more words


Raspberry Pi configuration utility

You can complete tasks like expanding the main partition of the SD card,  or setting a time zone, or activating the camera module by using the raspi-config utility.


Date from time server for Raspberry Pi

If you need you can install ntpdate to keep up time of your Raspberry Pi:

  • apt-get install ntpdate