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Conduit of Heaven

What if every human being on earth is a conduit that either allows heaven to flow to earth, or hell to flow up to earth? What if with every thought we are either adding to the light or adding to the darkness? 260 more words


Wisdom of the Day

It is easy to forget what good we have in our life when we just feel the negative surround us; at times, the problems in life seem much greater than what we are blessed with.   257 more words


I Stand Up feat Fred Penner

I had the pleasure of connecting with the legendary Fred Penner on this video.  It’s a remix of my original “I Stand Up” song which features a strong anti-bullying message. 22 more words


Dac Systems, 19 years strong and growing

Management and staff at Dac Systems, a leading local provider of turnkey solutions, recently celebrated the Company’s 19th year of operation. On site at Dac Systems there is strong sense of optimism about the state of the ICT market and the Company’s value proposition to businesses going forward. 450 more words


Be happy but don’t stop there

I was wondering how would I feel If I had everything I needed right now.

Well you’d feel really happy and satisfied, that would be the obvious answer and yes, I agree, I could feel happy and relaxed, indeed, but would I stop right there? 587 more words


Free E-Book: Solutions Not Resolutions

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Bold Conversations is my other site where I write about personal and spiritual development and about my travels to Ecuador. 46 more words


Ten Strange Animal Difficulties With Even Stranger Solutions

Nolan Moore September 10, 2014
Earth is crawling with all kinds of creatures, from the tiny bumblebee bat to the mighty blue whale. With all these animals running around, problems are bound to pop up sooner or later. 21 more words

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