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Conflict And Conflict Minerals In The Great Lakes Region, Somalia, Puntland and Somaliland


 When we hear of Conflict minerals what comes to mind are the blood diamonds of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Eastern DRC. Armed groups like the M-22, the Inter Rahamway Rebels, Rwanda, Kabila, Kigami and the like. 4,378 more words

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What might kill Somaliland: Barclays?

Somaliland is a constant source of fascination for me. A tiny not-quite-a-country place in the Horn of Africa that has a potentially unique blend of tribalism and democracy that actually works, free and fair elections, and a functioning government. 82 more words


CIA Islamists & The Destruction Of Somalia

ISIS in Iraq is just the latest version of an old MI6/CIA/Mossad/ strategy designed to grab resources via Islamist terror, while discrediting Muslims worldwide.  One of the least publicized operations occurred when these Western intelligence agencies used extreme Islamists to split Somalia into three different nations. 1,583 more words

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East African states to cooperate to close borders to criminals

East African countries need to work together on tightening porous borders to help halt the movement of militants, drug traffickers and other criminals, the region’s senior intelligence officers were told on Monday. 297 more words


Volunteering In Somalia

My name is Samira Al Baroud,  I was born and raised I Kuwait. My perception of Somalia was changed, the negative image painted to me by others, when I visited it last summer. 493 more words


Secessionism: The Use of Violence and International Recognition

By Bridget Coggins

As part of our “Would Someone Please Explain This to Me” series, Carter asked:

“This is what Barham Salih, the former prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, told me years ago: ‘Compare us to other liberation movements around the world. 1,312 more words

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