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Is cloning real?

It most certainly is, it consists of scientists taking the DNA from an adult somatic cell and transfering it into an unfertilized egg, which has had its own DNA removed. 40 more words


What's The 411? body information please

Two years ago Service Master had to work on some water damage that occurred when fire fighters put out a fire in one of the apartments behind me. 418 more words


Walking with Eggshells

Walking with Eggshells


I am consistently struck by the leap of faith—the courage—it takes to be a client working on healing from trauma. My clients reveal things to me that are precious, raw, sometimes spoken in my office for the first time after a lifetime of silence. 1,147 more words


Relevant Book: Illustrated Love Letter to the Living Fabric of a City…

The blog Brain Pickings thumbs up’d a neat book about  living in San Francisco, with all the community, subcultures, gentrification, complexities, and somatic interactions that come with it! 221 more words

Surely, You Jest!

Today, find a comfortable place to sit and take it easy.
 Do some serious relaxing, laugh a little, and remember, life just isn’t that serious. …
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You are not alone. Sundowning in the open.

All the caregiving professionals I know in New York have been very busy with people calling 911 only to find out that they are having some kind of panic attack or being returned home without a diagnosis. 1,575 more words

Trauma release - why a mind-body approach is essential

According to psychotherapist and author Eugene Gendlin PhD, traumatic experiences are stored in the body. In fact, all your accumulated life experiences, including traumatic events whether large or small, are held in various parts of your physical body and re-accessed through what he calls the ‘felt sense’. 417 more words

Healing And Consciousness