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The Effectiveness of Body-Oriented Psychotherapy

As a mind-body therapist and yoga teacher, through working with clients and from my own journey I know how important the mind-body connection is in successfully dealing with issues and stresses we face. 151 more words


Change? Stop Addiction With Somatic Healing

SOMATIC HEALING TO BEAT ADDICTION – transformative, powerful, proven!


  • You learn to respond differently to the body impulses that make you crazy for your drug of choice.
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Somatic Healing To Get Sober

Feldenkrais: How Can I Achieve My Desires?

On the last day of class with Tessa Chandler (our Feldenkrais teacher), she gave us the following question, which is our final writing assignment.  She said that it only needed to be one page long, but that is totally impossible, as I have far too much to say.   1,655 more words


Feldenkrais: Week 1 Reflection

I came into class feeling VERY tight in my lower back with come kind of sciatic nerve blockage or something, because whenever I would lay in supine position, my right thigh (on the outside) would slowly go numb.   1,051 more words


Authentic Movement + Feldenkrais: A Journey Inward

There are times when things converge in a transformative way, and so far no day has followed this narrative like Thursday.  First was the penultimate class with John Jasperse, which was very fun despite the fact that it seems to facilitate the tightening of my lower back.   1,184 more words


Somatic embryogenesis system to propagate pine hybrids able to tolerate water stress

Neiker-Tecnalia, in collaboration with the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, has in recent years been studying the high water stress tolerance of hybrids of the Radiata Pine (Pinus radiata… 494 more words

Trauma Suite Training Available Remotely

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