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Half-Forgotten Authors

Just as a broken clock is right twice a day, the Huffington Post occasionally has reasonable articles. James MacManus, the Times Literary Supplement’s managing editor has a… 129 more words

Anthony Trollope

THE LETTER (1927) by Somerset Maugham

At night on a Malaya rubber plantation a gunshot rings out. A man stumbles out of a bungalow, pursued by a woman, who empties all the chambers of her revolver into him. 1,617 more words

2014 Vintage Mystery Challenge Bingo

‘Thanks—But No’: A Beltway Tale

By J.F. McKenna

The day in post-election Washington, mimicking a classic description from British novelist Somerset Maugham, “broke gray and dull.” Every indication was for more of the same until sunset. 1,194 more words

J.F. McKenna

The Hidden Scars of World War One

Newport Playgoers’ next production, For Services Rendered, lays bare the horror, futility and misery of the First World War.

Somerset Maugham’s penultimate play, with its anti-war message, is set in the economic slump of the1930s and deals with the after-effects of the First World War on a middle class family. 194 more words

Dolman Theatre

Annie Proulx: Why Do We Write?

The gloriously tough-minded and tender-hearted Annie Proulx gave the keynote address at the AWP Conference & Bookfair in Seattle this year, entitled Why Do We Write?. 481 more words

Annie Proulx

Goin' Steady

Ever wonder how some novelists are so darned prolific? HOW do they write book after book after book? HOW do they write so fast? What is their secret? 778 more words