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W. Somerset Maugham

Unable to take his Spanish royalties out of the country, Maugham decided to use the money to pay for a luxury holiday there. He chose one of the best hotels and dined extravagantly every evening, until he felt satisfied that he had spent most of the accumulated sum. 49 more words


The War of Art - Steven Pressfield

For a writer, all writers, this book should be required reading. Robert McKee, a screenwriting genius wrote the foreword for the book. Robert McKee said, 276 more words


"I Fell On My Baby Bottle"

BY THE TIME I WAS NINETEEN, I had been on several blind dates—only one of which had gone well. It had been at the beginning of my junior year at Westlake when some friends had paired me with Jonathan Harshman Winters IV, son of the brilliant comedian, Jonathan Harshman Winters III.   4,599 more words

Berenice De La Salle

The Butler Did It - Paul Pender (2012)

The story of Archie Hall/ Roy Fontaine: The Butler Did It by Paul Pender

Very humorously written, a lot of which is derived from Roy’s menacing charm so well described by author Paul Pender, best encapsulated in his opening sentence: 2,296 more words


I’ve heard people say that they don’t
find Singapore very exciting… 525 more words


Before the party - Somerset Maugham

I’ve always enjoyed reading Somerset Maugham






  1,854 more words


“First Love” is not my first love

Here is another review of Jo Hyun Jae’s drama “First Love” (2003) where he played #2 actor after being #1 actor in “Love Letter”.   1,182 more words
Jo Hyun Jae