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World Cruise, Pago Pago

This was our second time to American Samoa in Pago Pago and I did a tour last time so we decided to just wander into town. 217 more words


The Moon and Sixpence

Whenever someone in my circle tells me their favorite book, I go out and read it. Best case scenario, I find a great new writer. Worst case scenario, the book sucks but I have gained some sort of porthole to the workings another person’s psychology, which appeals very much to my sneaky, voyeuristic personality. 561 more words


Review of Elia Kazan's 'Arrangement'

I first read the novel when I was in college and it seemed to be a cool book as the author, tired of his ‘arrangement’ of life, seems to genuinely love a women with an independent mind.

505 more words

A Brief Rodomontade

Recently I read Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham. That’s one smart fella. While reading the book I ran into a number of words I did not know, so I made a note of them in my phone. 254 more words


S Week 1: 8,840 Miles

I thought I should begin by first explaining why I chose The Recognitions, 707 more words
The Long Read Project

Alternative Summer Reads - Poems, short stories and a novella

So writing my top 5 Summer reads a couple of weeks ago got me thinking – there are other pieces of literature I return to every summer that aren’t novels, they are not necessarily beach-friendly and I wouldn’t recommend them heartily to one and all because unlike the novels, they occupy a nostalgic place in my heart and some are an acquired taste. 1,409 more words

Book Reviews

Michael Frayn

“When I start I like to know in advance where the story is going, and I spend a lot of time thinking about the story before I begin writing it.” ( 104 more words

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