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Rabbits are not what they seem to be.

I remember the days when the word podcast just made me shrug my shoulders and tune out the conversation. I thought it was all insanely boring talk radio. 240 more words


Something Different: Origami Kusudama Flowers

I’ve had an empty vase on my desk at work for a few months now and it’s been bothering me.

Now, a normal person would just move the vase, but I decided I wanted to fill it with something. 324 more words


Getting Out of Limbo

When I was 22 (only eight years ago and yet it feels like a life time) I graduated from my Bachelor of Education degree and took my first teaching job. 225 more words

Something Different


she speaks as if she’s very smart
but listening to every word
it’s still a task to figure out
what she said from what you heard… 67 more words


Time Efficiency and Other Salad Ingredients

Are you one of those efficient creatures who starts a task and sees it to completion before embarking on the next project? If you bake a cake do you clean up the dishes before sitting down to a cup of tea? 224 more words

Something Different

Bravely Capturing Words -- A Series

I know many who are bravely capturing words this year, writing memoirs, poetry, fiction, devotionals, novels and novellas, medical odysseys, writing for magazines and newspapers, even writing for themselves, spilling the words of their hearts into notebooks and art journals. 177 more words

Something Different