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Date: 29/07/14

5k day. I ran the first 3k fairly comfortably at the same pace, but the last two we’re a bit stop start.

I tried something different today and took my iPad with me and watched a film rather than listening to music. 32 more words

Run Streak

She Stands There...

She stands there. Looking at me. Her back is to the ocean and we are on the beach. A whip of wind blows a tress of hair across her face. 388 more words


A picture book set in ... a war zone

How do you even start to explain to a child what’s happening in the Middle East?

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen some dreadful reports from Israel and the Gaza Strip. 398 more words


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Picture books can be as relevant to older children and young adults as they are to younger children. One Red Shoe is a case in point, allowing parents and teachers to engender empathy and compassion in their children. Boys, in particular, are very visual (as are men apparently). If you're looking to encourage your son to read more then a picture book or graphic novel could very well be a good place to start. More specifically, if your looking for a way to start an age appropriate conversation with your children about conflicts overseas, One Red Shoe, by Karin Gruss and Tobias Kreijschi and published by Wilkins Farago, sounds like a good place to start.

Out and about

If you’re in North Carolina these days, you can see my work in a couple of spots.  I’ve got a range of greeting cards at the wonderful indie… 135 more words

Exciting News about the East Pike Lending Library!

The East Pike Lending Library in Detroit is open 10 am – 2 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am – 1 pm Saturday. There will be a ribbon cutting and fundraiser on Saturday, August 9 beginning at 3:30 pm. 18 more words

Community Resource

Don't forget about the great clubs and groups you can join!

It’s easy to forget that Pike County is full of amazing and fun groups and clubs for you to be a part of. You can always double check your favorite club in our “Area Clubs” menu button at the top of the page, but let us refresh your memory as to what’s out there! 505 more words

Community Resource

Retirement Party for Peg Ratliff - July 27 - Griggsville, IL

A retirement party is planned for Peg Ratliff, who is retiring from teaching at Griggsville-Perry School. The celebration is at the Griggsville Park, 12:15 pm. Come and join in wishing Peg good luck in her retirement! 32 more words

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