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Rush Series 2: The 1990s - Different Stages CD3 (1998)

Lucky bastard that I am, this copy of Different Stages that I have been reviewing is the 3CD version. I have no idea if it’s more rare or what have you (I do now there’s a 2CD version out there), I’m just saying I’m a lucky bastard ‘cos I got me 1/3 more Rush! 215 more words

Rush Series 2: The 1990s - Retrospective I: 1974-1980 (1997)

1997. The year tragedy struck for Neil Peart, twice. We know the stories, no need to rehash it here. But the band had already released this compilation (and the next) only two months and one month (respectively) before things hit a standstill for Peart. 410 more words

Sun Dyeing at the Shop

A few weeks ago, Rene found a new dye product online. She spends a lot of her time online – if there are no customers in the shop, she can be found researching something obscure online. 529 more words