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We all suffer from some kind of real life problems that are problems because we make them problems, even when “the revolution is over and we have reached a resolution.”  I believe some of us keep the pot boiling just to be messy, and some say, “That’s the way I was treated.”  That very statement can create a lifelong negative policy instead of a solution; A route we never thought to take. 1,343 more words

Something To Think About

Something to think about - Utilities

Do you have more than one account with your utility companies? Do you have more than one account with your cable provider? How do you know? 493 more words


Jesus is Dead

Jesus is dead. All hope is gone. The disciples, Joseph of Aramethia, the many women who followed Him, prepared to go on with life without Him. 109 more words

Something To Think About

I Was Here!

I came across a song and it made me think and also reminded me that…

As a girl I had dreams of doing something big, having a life where everyone knew who I was…over the years my dreams shifted, my priorities changed… 550 more words

Something To Think About


We must have the ability to communicate in order to pursue, let alone reach our goals.  It is the tool we need in every aspect, weather it be friend or foe. 26 more words

Something To Think About

Stop Being So Boring! The Simple Client Prospecting Mistake You're Making & How to Fix It

From: Angelique Rewers, APR, ABC – Leading expert in helping small business owners land corporate clients


There’s an interesting thing that happens when many small business owners expand their target market beyond other small business owners to also focus on selling their expertise to higher-paying companies: They suddenly lose all personality. 593 more words


Seven Sayings of Jesus

In the Bible there are seven things Jesus said during the 6 hours He hung on the cross. Because today is called Good Friday, most Christians will reflect on the death of Jesus on the cross. 111 more words

Something To Think About