Why Dog Life Jackets Are Important For Your Pets Safety

You make your kids wear a life jacket when boating and swimming but what about your dog? Yep, a dog life jackets can be a life saver for your pet if he is ever in an accident in the water or for some reason forced to swim for a long period of time. 386 more words

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Thomas, the Doubting Disciple

Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples, had the nick name doubting Thomas, but was he more of a skeptic than a doubter? Thomas did not ask for a special revelation from Jesus. 163 more words

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The Lost Soul of the Fair

I just went to the California State Fair. Twice. The purpose of the second visit was to visit a horse I missed the first time. Read on and you’ll learn all about it. 913 more words

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Imprinted Scars

Each of us have scars.

Whether they are visible or not.

Whether they are physical, emotional or mental.

We have all be through things which have shaped us and left us imprinted. 1,683 more words

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Wild at Heart.

There is a part within me that wants to be free.

That may sound odd to you,

And it sounds odd to me too. Maybe because I can’t explain it or word it in a way that others or I can understand it at times. 1,867 more words

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With so many asking if it would be alright to share my essays, “Feel Free”  to do just that.  I would appreciate you sharing as much of them as possible, providing I get the credit for the content.  66 more words

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How Do You Use Your Time?

* Time is fixed; you can not add to it or take from it
* It runs fast; waits for no one.
* It is not renewable… 73 more words

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