A Little Doubt, Tosses Your Blessing Out!

If you are like me, I hope that you are, we want to be blessed by God!  Financially, physically and most importantly, spiritually, but why are some of our  blessings not bestowed upon us? 295 more words


Forty Days

Jesus walked the earth for forty days and was seen by many to prove to them that He was alive and everything that He had told them is true. 80 more words

Something To Think About

Easter Reflections

Half-way around the lake, I had to stop and snap this pic. The sun and the trees and the water all intertwined in a way that seemed really cool and kind of meaningful to me as I finished my run. 41 more words


Prologue to the Seder: Exodus Revisited


by Daniel Hoffman


It is the tale of the Exodus (Haggadah) that we are commanded to recite on this occasion. 1,278 more words

Something To Think About


We all suffer from some kind of real life problems that are problems because we make them problems, even when “the revolution is over and we have reached a resolution.”  I believe some of us keep the pot boiling just to be messy, and some say, “That’s the way I was treated.”  That very statement can create a lifelong negative policy instead of a solution; A route we never thought to take. 1,343 more words

Something To Think About

Something to think about - Utilities

Do you have more than one account with your utility companies? Do you have more than one account with your cable provider? How do you know? 493 more words


Jesus is Dead

Jesus is dead. All hope is gone. The disciples, Joseph of Aramethia, the many women who followed Him, prepared to go on with life without Him. 109 more words

Something To Think About