Happy Hanukkah, dear friends!

First Day of Hanukkah in United Kingdom

The first day of Hanukkah is the start of the Hanukkah period, also known as Chanukah or Festival of Lights. 488 more words

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I found this article: "The Imitation of Marriage", by Ross Douthat, very interesting.

In the past two weeks, my colleagues at The New York Times’ data-driven project, The Upshot,  have offered two ways of looking at the most important cleavage in America — the divide, cultural and economic, between the college educated and the struggling working class. 765 more words

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What do you do with Santa?
You can’t ignore him because he is pictured everywhere. Your children will see and hear about him. Other children will be excited and talk about him. 240 more words

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i was thinking the other day

about how I feel so much younger than I thought I’d feel at this age.

and that when you’re young and you imagine the future –  you imagine feeling settled and complete… 41 more words


The grass is not greener.

 We’ve become a culture where we’ve lost our values.

We are non-committers.

We are self-seekers.

We are, in my opinion, far from being who we are meant to be. 1,040 more words

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The Reason for the Season

Many people are hustling to finish shopping for gifts, running at a fast pace to get the right present, get them wrapped and ready to see the happiness on the face of the recipient. 127 more words

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There is a better way of releasing pressure, other than blowing our tops, and that is to take our troubles to the “Altar in Prayer.”  It’s the only way, at least the only way I know of.  901 more words

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