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good vibes across the Tasman

This might seem like an unusual thing to really like about a town, but something that I really liked about Queenstown was that almost every restaurant, pub, bar, shop, etc played really good music. 583 more words


oh, the places you'll go!

And so the series of posts about my NZ holiday continue… At first, I’d wanted to get all of these posts out quickly while the memories were still fresh and whatnot, but I’ve been busy, and also tired. 647 more words

Somewhere Else

Somewhere Else by Romain Trystram

Romain Trystram is a freelance illustrator currently based in Paris. His series of digital architecture entitled “Somewhere Else” is a sleek yet lonely insight into his portrayal of city buildings. 56 more words


Queenstown's amazing eats

I’m not really into the whole “take a photo of every meal you eat” trend that’s been happening for a while now, so I don’t instinctively pull out my phone/camera every time someone puts a plate of food in front of me. 872 more words


Somewhere Else by Mathew Shenoda - Poetry Review

Somewhere Else

by Mathew Shenoda

From the river Nile to the teeming streets of Cairo, from the indigenous, pre-Islamic Egyptian Coptic civilization to an America struggling with its fear of the Arab world, Shenoda’s poems recall the sacred traditions of an ancient, enduring culture as they widen the political conversation surrounding ethnicity, pan-Africanism and pan-Arabism. 488 more words

Storymoja Hay Festival

let it snow!

The primary purpose of my Queenstown holiday was to go snowboarding, so I think it’s only fitting that my first post about the holiday is… 850 more words