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My love out of ages
If a serpent bites you
it has got to bite me too
If you fell into the water
I´d jump to be therein with you… 30 more words


... and my mind just wants to be there

Now I like the stars than ever… and I like the moon and the night sky … up there everything is more magical… and my mind just wants to be there…

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Like empty rooms with echos that ring through the insides and darkness that fills every crack, like a haunting that we get used to over a period of time, yet those cold winds would keep reminding you that being alone is a part of life somewhere along.,Bitter is always a part of sweet, with a tinge of salt at times, to bring to mind that alone is the moments when we are reminded that we came alone, so alone do we go.,


End up Somewhere Else

If you’re not sure where you are going,

you’ll probably end up somewhere else.

 - Robert F. Mager



There’s something about the road ahead
that pulls me on, to where the hills are kinder
the grass is greener, where the future
has no limits, and my heart can fly. 16 more words


Pink Street

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Road to Nowhere - 1st Draft

Two men walked along the road to nowhere. They were good friends and had been together for quite some time. After walking along this road for better part of a year, the first man stopped and just stared at the road in front of them. 658 more words

Short Story