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Tea and Reflections: Folding the Day

I ordered a hibiscus tea and found a place to sit. It is a small table by the window, with a spotlight spewing white light on it. 326 more words


Primeiro Andar

Improbable bar… improbable day…
#Lisbon #NightOut #NotAFridayNight



You can be anywhere-
The stop button inside the bus,
the skin of pistachio nuts,
or the breeze in the beach.
It could be the fat loaded content of McDonald’s… 31 more words


Blue Mood

#Porto #SometimesIFeelBlue


fewa lake

you are
still that
special place
where lovers
and strangers
stand witness
to glorious
sunsets and
its grand
reflections on
your old
silent self


I want to go back to England. Oh Lord, please I can’t take this anymore. Please I wanna go somewhere else.