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The only way to capture you

the only way to capture you
is while you’re standing still
aerial dive bombing acrobat
feverishly typing for the thrill
in some unseen moment
the joker takes a stand… 12 more words


half moon

it was
already late
still we
went for
that stroll
and saw
the stars
the sky
and that
half moon
smiling down
on us


Alicia Keys unleashes an unreleased ballad titled“Somewhere In The City”.
Streamor downloadbelow.


Somewhere (2010)

In the ten years following the release of her opus Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola has constantly debunked claims that the film is autobiographical, regarding her life married to Spike Jonze, who was anointed as film’s new wonder boy during that time. 595 more words


see ya

it’s strange
how i
keep saying
see ya
to strangers
and people
whom i
know i
will most
probably never
see again


This time of the year, somewhere in the World...

The chosen city is one of our favorites: New York. Do you know where this pic was taken? Have you ever been there?

answer: Wall Street.