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The Reaper's Son (Extract From a Work in Progress)

Greetings fellow humans. This is the opening to a young adult book I have been working on. About death, death and its inevitability, that’s what the young people are into these days. 1,317 more words



Can’t sleep away these feelings
When the only thing I see
Blood draining from stain ceilings
Faces, faces, faces
A familiar nightmare yet
Cases, cases, cases… 55 more words


The Son is called God and Jehovah

The Son called God and Jehovah. Other names of the Eternal Father applied to him in the Old Testament. He is, therefore, the Eternal God. 670 more words

John Calvin

Learning From My Parents: Daniel's Perspective

My dad used to joke that we have two models in my immediate family: him and mom, because they are our role models. It’s true, though, because they truly… 662 more words


"No One Will Miss Me"

I’m currently trying to remind myself of all the people I affect in my life and while it’s not my fault that I feel this way, I do have choices on how to react to my depression. 7 more words

I'm a bad mom with a sore pinky

This afternoon was an explosion of adolescent/tween/puberty stuff.  We laid down new rules for our 12-year old on Sunday, he was great on Monday, crap hit the fan today. 298 more words



It was the most beautiful shade of blue you have ever worn. Your wife had bought you a sweater for your anniversary four days before the accident. 727 more words