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Well what a strange day it has been!

Well what a strange day it’s been. Dec has had his poorly left big toe seen to and his right big toe also, poor lad always gets the bad things in life whether it’s ending up in A & E over an accidental fall off a bike or just some part of his body not progressing in the right direction i.e. 170 more words


Fly on the Wall: Dirty Beans

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today 14 bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you’d see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. 825 more words


Words That Keep You Awake

I received a text from my college son last night.  “good grief….ICOC is on campuses in Nashville.  Just had a random student come up and invite me to a “nondenominational” Bible study……..so thankful I was the person to run into him.” (I left out the middle of the conversation…..some of this is just my son’s story to tell and not mine.) 808 more words


Dad turns kid's video games into mulch

Here’s what happens when you spend all day masturbating to Master Chief.

Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games

JavaScript required to play Psycho Dad Shreds Video Games… 137 more words


For Mother's Day My Son Gave Me A Rose

The autumnal equinox is on September 22nd this year, officially ushering in the fall season.  As a Floridian, I’m more than a little happy potentially cooler, dryer days will replace the stifling days of summer.   345 more words


I still feel eighteen/

how is it my son is ten/

grasping at the years

To my future daughter. Or son. Or dog(s).

To my future daughter. Or son. Or dog.

You’re beautiful (to me anyway) and probably naïve (like me). I hope you have inherited my eyes and my quick wit, and hopefully you haven’t inherited my constant need for affirmation and Burger King. 525 more words