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I collect very old Chinese porcelain. I used to have a lot more of it, but in the name of de-cluttering, I divided my collection and gave the other half to my best friend who I knew would appreciate it. 315 more words


Today is day #91 with 274 days left in 2014.

Random celebrity birth: In 1220 Emperor Go-Saga who was the 88th emperor of Japan

Random celebrity death: In 1085 Emperor Shenzong who was the sixth ruler of the Song Dynasty in China. 37 more words


My Favorite Poetry Titles and Poems in Tong Hua's Lost You Forever Book 1

As you may or may not know, I am researching the origins of the poetry titles in Lost You Forever and writing about them on the… 1,225 more words

Ancient Chinese Poems

Today is day #78 with 287 days left in 2014.

Random celebrity birth: In 1661 Italian composer Francesco Gasparini.

Random celebrity death: In 1916 Russian painter Vasily Surikov. 37 more words


The ancient wharf and movie set of Chikan, Guangdong

Like any ancient town in China, Chikan (赤坎) has a long history which started during the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279). After fleeing from the invasions of the Jurchen who founded the Jin dynasty in north China, the Song withdrew south of the Yangtze River and established their new capital in Hangzhou. 302 more words


Set of miniature Qingbai dishes

This is a set of five qingbai dishes. They date to the Song dynasty,960-1279 aD.
They are very small, about 7 cm in diameter. They are clearly a set, with the same lobes, a vague line around the bottom, and an impressed image in the centre.  73 more words

Song Dynasty

Quyi: one of China’s older performing arts helping preserve ethnic history and culture

As one of the older performing arts in China, Quyi—developed during the Tang Dynasty (618 – 906 AD) and flourished in the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279) 327 more words