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Song Dynasty Ceramics --- Ru Ware and Guan Ware | 汝窑 · 官窑

During the ‘Asian Art in London’, many galleries have exhibited a wide range of exquisite Chinese ceramic wares from Tang to Qing Dynasty. Among all of them, my favorites are the wares made in Song Dynasty (960-1279) when natural environment and tranquility were the center of social culture.

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Can China eliminate inveterate corruption after so many centuries?

Zhao Kuangying (927-976), the founding emperor of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) , ordered all the succeeding emperors to promise by oath to respect intellectuals.

As a result, Song emperors themselves received good education and were fond of intellectuals. 1,312 more words


Qingbai waterdropper

I bought this waterdropper at a local dealer. It is a small 5 cm high waterdropper covered in a qingbai glaze. It is shape as a pumpkin with a stem and leaves on the top. 92 more words

Song Dynasty