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Haunted in Your Head [Song Lyrics]

So, I don’t normally post song lyrics, and that’s mostly because I don’t normally write songs. However, I’ve signed up for a horror-themed “make a song in a month” kind of contest, and this is what I have so far. 249 more words


Winters' Call (Audio)

Winters’ Call

Started off a stronger man

But wayward went the hopes

I had to find me

Hearts so strange and I am flawed

My sympathies are stretched and torn… 128 more words


Bawling 4 Columbidae

This is what it sounds like when doves cry? I realize I’m about 25 years too late in my disbelief but what does Prince know about weeping pigeons? 91 more words


Only Love Can Hurt Like This

I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is about posting what stirs my emotions and these song lyrics definitely do just that. On my way home from an important rendezvous this morning I stopped at a local cafeteria for a quick-lunch and music was playing inside. 303 more words



Shame caught up to me while I was looking sideways,

Down the mattress that you made your home,

Unaware and unprepared,

For the shit storm creeping down the road… 102 more words


Discovering Blurred Lines and Booty Calls

Everyone has sung the wrong lyrics to songs, but I shouted the lyrics to a particular hit all summer at clubs in New Orleans, two weddings and fund-raiser not knowing why I got such strange looks. 1,226 more words