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Canada Girl -- In The Style Of Beck's 'Girl'

This is just me screwing around, trying to tell a story in verse. This would be a fast, jaunty song like Beck’s “Girl.”

Canada Girl… 221 more words


'Land Of A Million Elephants' -- For Jhene Aiko In The Style Of John Lennon

This is a song about my trip to Laos. It would be really psychedelic in style and the lyrics would probably be difficult to understand if done properly. 184 more words


Venus -- Another Attempt At A Sia Song

This could be a R&B song or it could be a pop song. I struggle to think of any male singers, since I listen to almost all female performers for some reason. 145 more words



If I don’t care that you don’t know,
Then I can’t bare enough show.
How can I begin to know,
That’s just the way it is? 215 more words


Mr Honesty

- Me asking…

Mr Honesty can I follow you around?
I want to breathe your air and worship on your ground.
I’d like to know how you hold your own, 276 more words


Yesung SJ - It Has To Be You (OST. Cinderella Stepsister) Lyric


 오늘도 내 기억을 따라헤매다

이 길 끝에서 서성이는 나

다신 볼 수도 없는 니가 나를 붙잡아

나는 또 이 길을 묻는다

널 보고 싶다고 391 more words

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Super Junior - Bonamana Lyric [Hangul + Rom + Eng]


딴따란딴, 딴따란딴, 딴따란딴, 따다따라빠. 딴따란딴, 딴따란딴, 딴따란딴, 따다따라빠

[시원] 넌 알까말까 알까말까 너무 예쁜 미인아
날 미쳤다고 말해도 난 니가 좋다 미인아

[희철] 누가 전해줘 My baby, to my baby 내가 여기 있다고 말야 1,243 more words

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