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Shuffle Me: Break Free

Admittedly, I never listened to the original song by Ariana Grande but I really like this version by Postmodern jukebox which arranged this song ‘Break Free’ in the Vintage Style performed by Morgan James.


The Death of Klinghoffer

The Death of Klinghoffer. David Robertson. John Adams himself. A gauntlet of police barricades, Rudy Giuliani helping protest across the street, and one loud disturbance of the peace inside the Metropolitan Opera House itself. 777 more words

Great Artists

Seven Year Itch - Moth

“Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.”
Amy Lowell… 43 more words


singing theme song from TV

Beberapa hari lalu kami dengar untuk pertama kalinya: Sky bisa menyanyikan sebuah lagu (tidur) baru! Dan bukan sekedar lagu, tapi bagus sekali! Tiba-tiba dia menyanyikannya waktu mama mengantarnya pergi tidur, dan dia nyanyikan juga buat papa waktu papa mau tidur siang. 332 more words

Jet Setter - 'Dippin' Toes'

Dublin’s Jet Setter are signed to Any Other City, who’s past alumni have included noisy fellow Dubliners Girl Band. This bunch are a lot less boisterous though, and on this teasing track they hint at a wonderful talent, with some playful bass and unobtrusively distorted guitar licks backing Ross Hamer’s honest vocals. 26 more words

Three Beams

The Hearse Song

Did you ever see the hearse go by?

And wonder which demigod’s destined to die,

Gods wrap him up in a bloody sheet,

And bury him down about six feet. 64 more words