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Silver Threads and Golden Needles

As I look at the entries in my journals of the last ten years, I realize that I have written mainly about the loss of loved ones … son, husband, mother, brother… 1,464 more words

Radio Friendly Non Offensive Pop Song

The changing of pronouns in pop songs is commonly regarded to be the ultimate ‘no homo’, a phrase that I can’t even type without a snort of derision. 327 more words

Right now at this very moment....

This is actually me singing “Somebody To Love!” It’s one of my favorite songs, and I feel like it’s fit for this post, so I recorded myself singing it for this post! 150 more words

my book published: this little bird's song

Hello and thank you all for your patient support!  What a busy time, and we are now closing in on the holidays here (my favorite time of the year!) 97 more words


Song Of The Day: Emily Underhill - Lost In Me (Warning: The Story Is Deep)

I absolutely adore this song. It makes me think about an abandoned place, where the grass covers my bare feet while the wind gives me some weird melancholy which I can’t explain. 402 more words


Jennie Abrahamson - The War

We have to admit to discovering Jennie Abrahamson by accident, when we caught the end of her set supporting Truls at the Kulturfestival in Stockholm this summer. 407 more words