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To My Songbird

To my songbird you are that lovely lullaby singing within the birds. The light shining within those dark scary nights. You are the blessing within my hurtful soul the tears within my dark brown eyes. 167 more words


Today i found myself crying when i heard the Song SongBird as i wiped away my tears my Two year old Goddaughter looks at me grabs me by the face and says in her soft Voice Nina Yo Love you i Looked straight at her and smiled This Little Tiny person knew how to make me smile as i hugged her she gave me a Big Kiss i started to tell her Nina was okay she then said nina cambialo meaning to change the Song as i did what she said she started laughing and said nina lets dance My baby Girl knows exactly how to make the pain go away at least for a little Today it has hit me the most he changed my life know i lost him i always knew he was The Best man a girl could ask for the best listener, adviser and the best in pointing out my flaws yes we faught and argued but we always knew how to talk about it i hope i wish he knew how much i was suffering right now i wish he knew how much he really means to me even if he thought they were all lies No they werent i poured my heart and soul to you everything i ever said was so true i could imagine you and i together but Nerdy and both loving all that means so much to me i could see a future with him even with the age difference i would never care what people would think Because I love you for who you are that loving, amazing person. 

House Finch_0362

House Finch_0362 http://flic.kr/p/na9H4R House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) perched on a blackberry bramble.


Yet Another Songbird!

Ready for a cool bath, the Song Sparrow is one of the most conspicuous of all sparrows. Males sing often, perching around eye level on exposed branches. 36 more words


Day Six – Office Songbird


Enjoy the delightful sounds of little songbirds softly singing with the nature sounds of charming birds in a forest

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