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Are you nasty?

I am not sure if you have tried mixing and matching music videos to different songs. Sometimes that happens in the cafe’s where they would be playing the songs from the radio and the mounted TV will have some music channel going on and they would be totally different songs (I don’t know why they would do such a thing, its weird but whatever) and sometimes the video on the TV for a song in the Radio would be totally funny. 136 more words


Throwback Thursday: “I Want Candy”

It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re taking it back to 1982 when New Wave music was all the rage and a band named after the sound a dog makes, was heating up the charts! 249 more words


Songs for Production

 1.홀로 남겨진  나 / 2.문밖 /  3.저기서 내 사람은 /  4.단 하루 만이라도 /  5.화무십일홍 /

 6.70년대 제대 장병 귀향기 /  7.거친풀 흐트러져 /  8.북간도 비가 /  9.바람소리 (Re) / 16 more words


歌曲 Covers:《We found love 》


15 年前來自瑞典的女歌手 Emilia,當時以 Big Big World 走紅國際

而她這柔柔的嗓音,唱起 Rihanna 的“We found love” 也別有一番風味


Shaking My Head

Yesterday, Taylor Swift announced that she’ll be releasing her fifth album, “1989” & with this big announcement, Taylor released a video for her first single, “Shake it Off.” 996 more words