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Even the best fall down sometimes...

This hacked together number by Howie Day (has he sued me yet?) is meaningful to someone out there, I’m just not sure exactly who – but, please follow this rabbit hole at… 6 more words


25 Songs of Christmas: Merry Christmas Baby

The original version of “Merry Christmas Baby” was recorded in 1947 by Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers…but has been covered by some of the greatest artists ever. 40 more words


Have you ever.. #something

Just wanted to lie around and be emotional

That seems to be all i really want to do these days. Be by myself and just think.. 122 more words


The End (Ghosts)

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have an almost morbid fascination with death or, more specifically, the end of just about anything, whether it be life itself or a completely inanimate object like a car or building. 215 more words


Deemo !

“Never left without saying goodbye..”

Deemo ! This is the game I keep in my phone … and very recommended… by me :x As far as I know it, for Apple, it is necessary to be purchased while for Android (GooglePlay),  you can download/install it for free. 253 more words