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Porsche 5620

DJ Hell wearing Porsche Design by Carrera 5620 at Greenfields

Vintage Sunglasses


Teki Latex wearing Gianni Versace 617 vintage sunglasses while mixing the new FACT MIX

thanks to TSUGI.fr for pic and promoting the MIX

Vintage Sunglasses

Round Metal

Somewhere in Kobe, by SPEAKEASY Japan

Vintage Sunglasses

Rodenstock Supersonic

Zombie Nation wearing Rodenstock Supersonic featuring DJ Hell on the drums

Vintage Sunglasses

Porsche 5623

Porsche Design by Carrera 5623, silver golden frame, tri coloured lenses

Vintage Sunglasses

New case

amazing swedish display by Gafa Vintage Madrid

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Vintage Sunglasses