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What is Your Pain?

Everyone wonders aloud when alone

what flavor of fear will it be today?

How soon will the silent shadow I’ve known

come knocking, suggesting, try it my way. 74 more words


Pop Sonnet

I will be posting soon to tell you about the most incredible workshop I attended a few weeks ago about teaching Romeo & Juliet (and Shakespeare in general), but for now I’d like to share with you an awesome website I recently came across that creates a wonderfully amusing link between Shakespeare’s time and our own… 59 more words


On a Flight of Chickadees (Sonnet)

The chickadees in flight: my lees of air,
Bronze feathered mice of mid-September trees;
You rummaged meadows for the last straw hair
Then fled! Born back beyond the winter’s freeze. 81 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

lash and chain

where no salvation comes from a dead lord

we’re cast adrift and there’s no guiding star

no symbol serves to act as luminar

and we have taken a strange one aboard… 81 more words



Why does winter have to come

Bringing with it the cold rain

Our summertime now is done

The sun left with nought to gain

Winter comes with cost… 56 more words

Her Ways

The way she carries herself in a crowd,
with no fuss, no care or no effort that is loud.

The way she dons her sartorial sense, 97 more words


Tai Chi Y3D154: Kick Right

Now we’re into the kicks. There’s a sequence coming up, that goes something like this:

  • Kick right
  • Kick left
  • half-turn/half-spin
  • Heel kick

And I’m not at all sure how to explain the kicks in fourteen lines. 305 more words