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When the end of the world arrives at last
Whether it be by nature or man’s hand
Whether it hits gradually or fast
What will become of us, where will we stand? 156 more words

Chloris Tongue (Sonnet-esque)

dove’s nimble black worm, dance numb, bask upon
the verdant fiber strings of chloris air,
and droop still like the amaranthus spawn
who sways with time till time declares the end. 78 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

week 306 ~ words launched from gaping mouths pile up around

words launched from gaping mouths pile up around
us errant paper airplanes valiantly
striving to carry big ideas sound
gesture belief shot precariously
into the void to die there purpose spent… 62 more words


Ode to the Sonnet

In absence of ought else to fix upon
The restless movements of a mind so full
Of sense that all too easily is gone
Astir to many far-flung fancies’ pull… 67 more words


The Warning Signs

No words spoken, none needed
You should have seen the signs
The warning should have been heeded

No words spoken, none needed
The anger within is deep seeded… 66 more words


Tai Chi Y3D166: Spiral Single Whip

Yesterday’s poem was a bit of a train wreck.  I didn’t like it, first of all, and second of all I accidentally posted in privately, so no one could see it.   1,211 more words


Quelques buveurs

Vois le pastis, vers le soir, jaunissant
Qui bientôt doit en nos gosiers descendre ;
Tu peux m’en croire, il n’a point goût de cendre, 82 more words