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How does the linguistic variety of Shakespeare’s texts challenge boundaries of social and national identity?

William Shakespeare is often credited as being the most innovative writer in the whole of the canon; we are constantly being reminded for example, of the vocabulary he introduced into the English language, through his plethora of plays, sonnets and poems. 3,241 more words


Lune festive

Composition de Cochonfucius

La lune bleue au ciel est on ne peut plus sage ;
Pendant qu’un sablier une veille comptait,
Je la vis ce matin, qui lentement montait… 88 more words


There comes the dream

Goodnight all, a lovely sonnet to end a lovely day:


Even after all these years there comes the dream
Of lovelier life than this in some new earth, 98 more words


Tai Chi Y3D130: Press

I’m finding that the business of making a poem for each movement is interesting, but takes a long time.  I started this poem a couple of times, but it took a while during the course of the day to complete it.   627 more words


Sonnet Day 27


The tiny envelopes of your summer
Have reached me by the thousands
I can barely prove their existences
But that they are scattered like rock… 71 more words


Salt In A Wound

Standing before you,
Heart in my hands,
Declaring honestly
To hear your demands.

Your words are savage,
Causing great pain;
Bleeding profusely,
Tears, my cheeks stain. 33 more words


Kathmandu - I Found a Tragic Sonnet, I Found too Many

I saw a sonnet in this city

Somewhere in her crown of tangled telephone wires

Streets lined with little boys with porcelain faces

Glue in baggies as though breathing from deific spires… 32 more words