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Sonnet LV ~ No Grecian Urn

No grecian urn nor sculpted monument
can live beyond the realms of space and time
But in these lines of skilled form and content
you will live on, the centre of my rhyme. 79 more words



La licorne découvre un étrange domaine :
Les oiseaux vont lisant les journaux du matin,
Les chiens font le ménage en gilet de satin,
Le long du boulevard, la mairie se promène ; 86 more words


artybaker's Random Researches About Life | Part 2

Hi there! The second part of my Random Researches on Life is here! If you missed the first one, click here.

Saint Peter

In the New Testament in the Christian Bible, Saint Peter is one of the Twelve Apostles (or Deciples) of Jesus Christ, and is considered by many to be the first ever Pope. 167 more words

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Wave once more, distant sun! Frost air
shivers through birch and oak, so bare,
where rays of light now flinch afraid;
lichen grows, in veiled nooks of shade, 58 more words


To Ward Off Sadness

The snow is here, and frigid winds are too
I’m not a fan of cold, that much is true
It’s far too easy to be sad and blue… 184 more words


Ordre chevaleresque

Image du site Héraldie

Ceux de la Table Ronde aimaient goûter le vin ;
Ce geste fut pour eux un immuable rite,
Une aimable coutume, une loi non écrite, 94 more words


Sonnet III ~ Look in the Mirror

Look in the mirror and what do you see ?
This is your golden time, your early spring
A dew-fresh face, peachy and wrinkle free… 89 more words