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Sonnets From Hush To Hush XX (ROUGH FIRST DRAFT)

Photo of a man in a maroon shirt, the color of the robes worn by Burmese monks, on the ground like a snake, wrapped in Burmese Pythons known to grow as long as 23 feet, via… 356 more words

Quelques taureaux

Composition de Cochonfucius

Le taureau blanc disait en ouvrant la fenêtre :
— Pas besoin d’anorak, puisqu’il va faire beau.
Son frère ne dit rien, lui, plus noir qu’un corbeau. 102 more words


Poem with an explanation: Vacation

The house was left at five am one day,
and all did go with bags into the car,
they settled in and then they drove away, 185 more words


Les sept cailloux

Composition de Cochonfucius

De ce caillou d’argent, ferai-je une statue ?
Ou du caillou d’azur, plus facile à sculpter ?
De gueules, qui paraît une lèvre imiter ? 97 more words


Sonnet 1

Sunrise, sunrise, the light glows through the drapes.

Your clock lights up, and music propagates.

Your face, my face, against our pillows rest.

I call your name which wakes your interest. 87 more words


In Blue Veils

In Blue Veils
Celebrate the mystery
We drape her in silk veils of blue
and blur the lines of fame and truth.
We speak of heaven; say we know her.

100 more words
Spiritual Growth

Piece of Paper

Troubled by the emptiness, I’m a neat mess

Love for someone, I cannot confess.

Cheating life is all I wish for now

Never been though hell like that. 86 more words