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Sonnet I: What I Do

But can it be that I my love shall see?
May I expect a miracle again?
Is finding, once again, my dearest friend,
My Sister-Love, a possibility? 92 more words


October 20: We're All Mad Here

It’s odd to me that there’s a time of year
When we’re at peace with skeletons on doors,
Where ghouls elicit smiles rather than fear, 79 more words


Pure Love

This moment of love so long waited for
When all the pain and fear melt into time
A moment when life is simple and pure…

122 more words

In quelle parole che lodano la donna mia (i)

In all my day-dreams she comes over me
hands, eyes, mouth, smiles-first. Rare is dream sleep
and she, rarer still in that keep of night. 210 more words



The Burning

“What? Can the devil speak true?”

We burnt the witch — but, oh, on fire she laughed!
She cursed the prelate and the magistrate. 114 more words

#11 ("My love for Paul is clear and pure. . .")


                        My love for Paul is clear and pure—a balm

                        For hurt and catalyst for joy and thrill.

                        He whispers sweetly in my ear, a calm… 100 more words

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