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Sonnet II: Rebirth

Still, this fearsome sibylline wonder falls
Silent to her very parting lips.
Her soft, resilient splendour candid dips
Below her barren, naked, winter halls

The silent wind who lulls; a stolid wall– 74 more words


August 19: Ferguson

I wish that there was something I could say
To staunch this wound that’s bled for ten days now.
Though I’m no doctor, treatments underway… 78 more words


August 18: The Bucket List

To raise awareness for a dread disease,
A challenge to pour ice upon one’s head,
(Though not enough to actually freeze)
And post a video online, has spread. 70 more words


Sonnet I: Death

Within the misted shrouds of Erin’s dark
And fertile land–so dark, the magic there–
The Lady courseth through the land and air
Where no man shall her baneful music hark. 94 more words



The Words

You pudgy piece of devil’s excrement,
You liar who will not correct your lies,
You worshiper of person and event,
You fool who passes folly off as wise, 79 more words

Sonnet 149

Si tu ne veux contre Dieu t’irriter,
Escoute moy, ne mets point en arriere
L’humble soupir, enfant de la priere :
La priere est fille de Jupiter. 430 more words

August 17: Trollolol

Norwegian trolls are apt to live in caves
Unmotivated to assist the lost,
Who might escape through terribly close shaves,
Though possibly at quite a heavy cost. 75 more words