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How to Speak Proper Shakespeare

I wrote this poem in 2012, but I have updated it because I had rubbish grammar back then. XD

I was in Sixth Form at the time, and I was studying an acting exam and participating in a local theatre production, involving Shakespeare’s sonnets. 211 more words

Creative Writing


Sometimes we arrive at destinations;
the result of an effortless journey.
Driven not by stress or consternation;
not chased, not pulled, not fuelled by urgency. 253 more words


Lecturing Again

Lecturing Again

Is Mr. Tangle lecturing again?
Is he pretending he’s a learned guy?
Is he demanding that you say amen?
Are you too weary now even to try? 85 more words

Sonnet: More Luck

Canst not thou fascination herewith see;
With fascination whereunto I saw;
That once herewith so simple, and with awe,
That actually such as this might be? 85 more words


Interludes and the deluded.

The Sound of the clock rang one last time,  as the weary hearted shadow failed.   The sun was seeking to find an image lost, that ceased in the middle of a deep blue sky.   225 more words


And as for me...

Pelicans drift with the current; sunrise
scatters its golden flecks across the bay.
Geese in formation navigate the skies;
and as for me … I contemplate the day. 221 more words


Wise Monkeys

Three wisdoms, guardians of what we see
And speak and hear as we strive to live free
Ancient thoughts of how simple things should be…

100 more words