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Poem by Uchenna Obi

Note from the author – “Sonnets en Slut” is written ‘for the sluts by the sluts,’ and addresses subjects I would believe to be appealing to the female sector of the millennial crowd. 318 more words


Sonnet X, in blank verse

I started early, took my dog, and watched
the aching asphalt stoop to kiss the dirt,
maintaining that its old bones didn’t hurt
that much. It withered, and it melted fast, 82 more words

My Poems

Irresistible! Hot off the press

Irresistible Sonnets is out, with a fantastic collection of sonnets from many truly amazing poets, and including one of my sonnets about a strange supernatural connection with this bird of prey that came out of nowhere.   29 more words


April 16: The Manhole

In a greensward that I walk past every day,
A yellow scaffold warned me to take care,
In my distraction not to go astray
And fall into those innards, now laid bare. 71 more words


Sonnet 73

Pipé d’Amour, ma Circe enchanteresse
Dedans ses fers m’arreste emprisonné,
Non par le goust d’un vin empoisonné,
Non par le jus d’une herbe pecheresse.
Du fin Gregeois l’espée vangeresse, 455 more words

April 15: Blood Moon

Full moons are lovely but familiar sights.
They cast their gleaming silver and evade
The sharpened shadows of a ravenous night,
Until encountering Earth’s umbral shade; 75 more words