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In the library of human movement

The best I can do is be a well-behaved
baby – not a good one. A good one would
wail – like those stonewalled infants on the net. 421 more words



Those who struggle can not swim,
They meet their own resistance,
Suffer they from heavy limb,
That will not last the distance.
Those who swim in part submerged, 189 more words


Suffering Builds Empathy

There are harbinger moments, like the one
where I’m free from the shadow of waiting
for my birth mom, and then there are other

moments, one on each side of recovery: 85 more words


Sonnet 157

De la mielleuse et fielleuse pasture,
De qui le nom s’appelle trop aimer
Qui m’est et sucre et riagas amer,
Sans me saouler je pren ma nourriture. 400 more words

Sonnet III: Name Us

Shall profit grant me mere upon release,
A living testament to living lives;
Shall profit take me even when they cease;
For living life as living life survives? 92 more words


September 21: Day of Rest

Can one be said to truly be alone
When one is being laid upon by dogs
Until they bark at passers-by unknown
And neighbors out for their respective jogs? 68 more words


Unchaste Sonnet No. 9

A thousand pleas with passion’s own hand written
To thee, eternal mistress of my station;
A lover’s timid heart, but just once bitten,
Will seek new fashions in communication; 87 more words