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Sonnet VI: Invocation

Pray now, defilers; pray there is no Hell;
For as you dredge all Greatness through the mire,
Yet fear your acts deserving of Its Fire, 116 more words


Tell Me

I’ve noticed something about stories: they
are not ours; and we are not their allegories.

For the longest time, I thought my version
was right. There is no version without you… 89 more words


My Lady

She wanders through the living to find one
To journey on beyond the worldly sun
The one whose mortal time has had its run
And we fear her hand in the shades of dun.

96 more words

Change Is Good

Change Is Good

Out from your store of wisdom, you produce

a lovely sermon on how change is good.

But with the facts you’re playing fast and loose… 92 more words

Seriously: sonnets.

“Professor Cole, who invented the sonnet?”

I was flabbergasted. Not because it was such a crazy question–no, it seemed like a perfectly good question. I just couldn’t believe that after 10+ years of teaching, I’d never been asked it before. 1,592 more words

A Secret Bliss

Inside our dreams resides a secret bliss
When pains of life are silenced in a kiss
What greater dream exists beyond all this
On darksome nights beneath the sleeping stars?

93 more words

I need you; I don’t need you; I need you; I don’t need you.

Last night, this morning, the nightmares struck, all night,
all morning, whether sickness or seeping, seething
trauma, in the milk of my own human kindness – 89 more words