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Sonnet 160

Or’ que Jupin espoint de sa semence,
Veut enfanter ses enfans bien-aimez,
Et que du chaud de ses reins allumez
L’humide sein de Junon ensemence : 712 more words

An imperfect prayer:

This sonnet is not like the others:
six strokes of my grandfather’s clock, below,
herald its entirely pre-med state:

I am scared, but safe; those yellow pills wait… 73 more words


Sonnet XI: Here and Now

Here, have I come: to know thy voice, to thrill
At every timbre, to rejoice my sin,
The very amber of my choice.  For mine… 102 more words


Abandoned Sonnet

   If a quiet longing were tricked into speaking,
     snared by the betrayal of an anxious breath,
then lend me your love for a moment less fleeting
than this glimpse of the last of my reason retreating,
as my lips, put to yours, are put to a sweet death

– for Holly


September 29: Cosmetic Changes

Some mornings, through lush breeze and sunlit air,
Demand to be seen through unpainted eyes,
Since wind feels freshest kissing skin that’s bare,
Suppressed by artifice and wan disguise. 82 more words



The quest for answers lost over time
Inquiries made in realms of darkness
Waiting for the voice of wisdom to speak
And solve the mysteries of the heart.

86 more words

Her Own Family Background (2)

“The girl’s”
“mother is described as a pretty sweet type”

. “She
stood 5’2” tall and weighed … she

(her hair was) did not have much (127… 80 more words