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That Estranged Crazy Uncle: What to Do When He Comes to Dinner?

Part 1

The Book of Revelation is the estranged crazy uncle of the Christian Bible.

The one who is never invited to family get-togethers, but still somehow shows up. 900 more words

Unitarian Universalism


It hasn’t quite gone viral, but attentive X Box Live members might have noticed a bizarre video on their dashboard in the last couple of days: a short, 16 second clip of rats scurrying around a city street reminiscent of New York. 198 more words

The White Buffalo @ The Paradise - 4/20

There’s no denying it – The White Buffalo is where it’s at.  Jack Smith’s gravely voice recalls Eddie Vedder, but with even more range (sorry Eddie).   90 more words


Sons of Anarchy (Season 5)

Sons Of Anarchy Season 5

I just finished season 5 of Sons of Anarchy and the best word to describe it is, WOW. I will try not to spoil too much of it for people who haven’t seen it yet but things get real. 485 more words

Hey, I Just Heard You and This is Crazy....

Download: 03-crash-this-train-acoustic.m4a

Have you ever heard a song and thought it had been playing in your head for the last two months without even registering as anything more than the melodic jumbles of your scattered mind?   831 more words


A ‘Dear John’ Letter to the Sons of Anarchy

If television shows were people, Mad Men would be a film-noir-obsessed, chain-smoking friend who I meet once a week for coffee dates. True Blood would be a party girl who gives me vivid updates of her sexual exploits while I observe, from time to time, that her love life is eerily like… 1,785 more words


Daughters of Anarchy

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I don’t know where this girl came from, but I can see her clearly in my mind’s eye. 1,225 more words