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The Myth of Samuel Prescott, the "Third Midnight Rider"

Dr. Samuel Prescott (1751-c.1777) of Concord is, in my view, a highly intriguing and significant┬áhistorical figure. Paul Revere has stolen the historical limelight and few outside of Massachusetts know that Samuel Prescott, as fate would ordain, actually finished Revere’s mission after the more famous midnight rider was captured. 1,807 more words


Who were John Wilkes and Isaac Barre?


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My hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania was named after two men, John Wilkes and Isaac Barre. 512 more words


Liberty! It's Not About Republicans! - Rand Paul (Kentucky) - CPAC 2014

“We will not submit!”

“We are free, and no man, no matter how well intentioned, will take our freedom from us!”


Sons of Liberty: Themes (Part 5)

Did Solidus actually kill Raiden’s parents? His plan to disrupt the Patriots was pretty much ruined by the point that Raiden and Solidus end up on the roof of the Federal building, with GW damaged by Emma’s virus. 227 more words

Solid Snake

Sons of Liberty: Themes (Part 4)

In reality Campbell is a combination of the Patriot’s influence and Raiden’s subconscious working to create something that would make sense to him. If Campbell wasn’t real then was Rose? 178 more words

Solid Snake

Sons of Liberty: Themes (Part 3)

While he was able to neutralize FOXHOUND he was also exposed to many of the gruesome secrets that the government kept from the public. These experiences were the reason that Snake and Hal Emmerich eventually formed Philanthropy, the organization that runs counter to the goals of the Patriots. 180 more words

Solid Snake

Sons of Liberty: Themes (Part 2)

Creating a new Big Boss:

The Patriots goal through the S3 plan seemed to be, at least in some part, to recreate the hero that Solid Snake was in a new soldier who would remain loyal to the Patriots. 172 more words

Solid Snake