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40 Seemingly Irrational Moments Only Parents Understand

My son stole a cola bottle from a sweetie display the other day.  I scolded him for doing such a naughty thing and persuaded him to take the saliva drenched sweet out of his mouth. 1,110 more words

Not Perfect, But All Right

2014 has not been kind.

On a cold, snowy day in January, when my husband was in Tokyo, my 10 year old son received a lifelong sentence. 689 more words

Mom brain strikes again...

Whoever said that pregnancy brain ends after pregnancy is a lying ass. (Great start to a post don’t ya think?) I mean maybe pregnancy brain ends, but mom brain takes over. 517 more words

October Newsletter

October Newsletter


We have been busy lately as the chapter has been picking up steam! I’m proud of how active we have been and hope to see us continue to add monthly athletic and social events. 700 more words

Staring Into Soup

On Monday night, I decided to make some chicken soup for dinner. It was pretty good, but near the end of the meal, I had an experience that made the soup a little bitter for me. 990 more words


Stay Gold, Ponyboy. (Teaching our Boys to Read and Write)

Boys don’t like to read.  Watch the messages that they’re given.  Boys play sports, and wrestle, and play video games.  Girls read; just look at the early reader chapter books:  Judy Moody, Ivy and Bean, & Junie B. 504 more words


Sitting on the bench

Have you seen this?

I live an ocean away from children who deal with anxiety and depression, and another who deals with bi-polar. My heart just aches some days. 413 more words