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So Be It

For the last week my oldest son has been away at the beach with my twin and nephew. He’s living the dream, which amounts to a week without his brothers.   528 more words


Why The Jordan Brand's Lead Designer Left Nike...

Why The Jordan Brand’s Lead Designer Left Nike.

Mayden realized he’d never grasped the psychological effect that obesity could have on a child. And he felt a sudden sense of urgency.

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I'll Love You Forever

I was 17 and pregnant with my eldest son. Yep, I was a baby having a baby.  While I was pregnant, my ex-husband’s mother gave him this book, “I’ll Love You Forever.” Partly for her son, and partly for our new little one.  198 more words


How To Make a Man Cry

1. To start off, play him Cat’s In The Cradle

2. Play him this clip from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air where Will’s dad visits him in Bel Air but abandons Will again. 640 more words

Al-Qaeda snubs caliphate by renewing allegiance to Taliban


Al-Qaeda has renewed its pledge of allegiance to Mullah Omar and the Taliban, in a move that will be viewed as a snub to the Islamic State and its Caliphate. 344 more words


33 Scouting cartoons from the ’60s show what’s...

33 Scouting cartoons from the ’60s show what’s changed, what hasn’t. More here.