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The Legacy Lens That Started My Collection

I have a Sony-Nex DSLR that I carry around with one film SLR of my choice, because those things can be tanks. My little Sony is a mirror-less camera and very compact. 721 more words

Butterflies and other insects

It’s been a hot day here today and I’ve been out with my macro lens trying to get some interesting insect pictures.

Although it is hot, almost as soon as I got to Priors wood (where I usually go to get insect pictures) the sun went in and the light levels dropped quite a lot. 103 more words


My First Visit to Disneyland!

I didn’t want to leave California without visiting Disneyland at least once! On Day 3, the other interns and I finished work early so we were able to purchase Disney twilight passes for the rest of the night. That was $60 well spent! We had a BLAST. Except when it got late, staying awake became a real struggle as you can see from the picture of me basically sleeping on the Buzz Lightyear ride.


A Night at Downtown Disney

On our second night in California, we walked to Downtown Disney after work. We grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed fireworks from afar. :)


After Storm Sunset.

Interesting storm cell moved through the area this evening, and afterwards this was the light show.

Get Outside Cincinnati!


Its All Golden

From the same ‘reel’ and almost the same shot as posted about a month ago. I just love the light that foggy morning had.


Buying my NEX(t) system, or not?

I have found my experiences of travel (primarily) and photography (secondarily) much more fulfilling when i have had fewer things to keep track of. I prefer to focus on my trip — basically I don’t want to let switching lenses and switching bodies and fumbling with bags and gear get in the way of what should really be a transformative, eye-opening experience. 318 more words