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What Are You Doing For The Winter Break?

Students and people from all walks of life have been protesting the Mexican Government this  past month due to the botch handling of the investigation into the  Massacre of 43 Students On September 26 2014.  178 more words

Good Articles And Post On P2P, Technology, And Ideas Floating In The World.

Sopa de Tortilla

Se nos ha ido el calorcito y ya han comenzado a soplar los aires de otoño. No hay nada mejor que una buena sopa para mantenernos calientitos y por ello, les dejo la receta mexica “Sopa de Tortilla”. 258 more words


The Net-Neutrality Swindle

Net-Neutrality. The Tea Party is calling it socialism and Obama is promising transparency. Nobody’s off to an honest start.

Net-Neutrality rules are already in place, banning ISP’s from fast-tracking certain content over other content. 855 more words


Sopa de tomate

Nossa, como ficou boa, nem acreditei!

Uau! Do site Figos & Funghis, obrigada! E melhor fácil, fácil.

Sopa Cremosa de Tomates Pelados

(para 2 pessoas) 196 more words


Creme de cogumelos Paris

Essa receita é dele.

Parece que é só fritar os cogumelos na cebola e azeite e deixar curtir bem.
Depois bater tudo no liquidificador, deixando apenas alguns pedaços inteiros. 14 more words


Guerilla Internet - Matt Sayer

Title: Guerilla Internet

Author: Matt Sayer

Amazon Link: Guerilla Internet

Length: Roughly 321 pages

Reviewer: Shen Hart

Rating: ♥♥


‘How careful are you with what you say in a phone call?

1,022 more words
Indie Book Review

A lesson in modern democracy from Hong Kong's latest protest movement

New York’s Boss Tweed, who in the mid-19 century ruled with an iron fist the city’s corrupt Tammany Hall, once famously—or perhaps infamously—said, “I don’t care who gets to do the electing, as  1,183 more words

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