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Técnicas de cocina: preparar los langostinos

Buenas tardes, hoy traigo otra entrada sobre técnicas de cocina. En esta ocasión, hablaré de como preparar los langostinos para su posterior cocción. Que yo sepa, esta técnica procede de Japón, y permite darle a los langostinos un aspecto más estético. 221 more words


Coffee Sunday: Net Neutrality?

Today we are introducing a brand new section: In this relax sunday we will present you topics that concern you. That need you to take action. 475 more words


MPAA Swears It's Not Pushing For More Anti-Piracy Legislation

A few years back, the entertainment industry used its unique charms (read: money) to glamour several members of Congress into supporting the Stop Online Piracy Act, one of the few pieces of legislation to draw… 322 more words

Why piracy is necessary

Hello! I am going to advocate for a right that is illegal to say the least – piracy. Yes, I am going to do so. I am not going to stay in those diplomatic or a puritan shell where everybody considers you right. 765 more words

SOPA May Be on its Way Back: Illegal Streaming of Copyrighted Videos Could Be a Felony

By: Complex

Remember SOPA? It was the bill introduced back in late 2011 that attempted to curb online copyright infrigement; which, in turn, put the Internet into a frenzy. 328 more words


Crema de Poblano


2 cucharadas de margarina

2 dientes de ajo picados

½ cebolla picada

2 cucharadas de cilantro lavado y desinfectado

1 taza de grano de elote… 112 more words


Welcome to the New Wave

If you’ve been watching the tech headlines lately, you’ve no doubt heard about Australia’s proposed metadata retention laws. These laws would create a legal obligation for ISPs to collect and retain user data including IP addresses and browsing activity.  458 more words